Little Lamb Restaurant | A Disastrous Experience | Boston, MA

this is gonna be a long, disorganized, chaotic , and angry post just like the experience i had at little lamb restaurant 2 days ago  . if you dont have the patience to read the entire post, here is my conclusion: the very second WORST dining experience i have ever experienced after Giacomo’s Ristorante 

where do i start? I have absolutely no expectations for good services whenever I dine at a Chinese restaurant. As long as the service is timely I’d be happy with it. Little lamb def failed terribly in every possible aspect you can imagine.



Little lamb, xiao wei yang, is Mongolian hot pot chain and was just opened its first north American location in beacon hill boston last week. The menu, consisting of various broths and some of my favorite small dishes, looked really promising so I called up a few friends to check it out. We got there at 7:00pm.



The restaurant was half full. We were sat right away. The waiter brought us the menus and left without absolutely no explanations or warning of sold out items. I was confused about several items on the menu so I had to verify with the waiter. Getting the waiter’s attention was the most frustrating thing ever, he would just walk by me knowing that I was waving to him. So at this point, I started to try to get any other waiters’ attention. All of them did the same thing: walking by me knowing that I was trying to get their attention. I started to wonder if little lamb hired all blind workers or i became invisible. Finally, our waiter came, I ask him what’s in the veggie dumplings? He said he has no idea, but he would ask the kitchen for me. Great! I was also confused about another item on the menu, he told me it was sold out. Great! Why didn’t u tell me earlier?
They basically give u a piece of paper which has a list of their items and you can just check it off whatever you would like to order. However, the drinks are not on the paper so you actually have to tell the waiter what you want. We ordered 5 different drinks from the menu and they didn’t have 3 of them. They didn’t even have milk tea. Fine, we will take water.


We waited, waited, and waited. 20 minutes passed. He didn’t even bring us our drinks. He finally brought us 3 drinks but no water for my friends. 40 minutes passed, not only no food was brought to us, the FIRE ALARM WENT OFF.

the drinks sucked.

Seriously, has it ever happened to you? Fire alarm going off in the middle of your meal? It’s bizarre. Thanks to the fire fighters arrived only a few minutes later and turned off the fire alarm so we could return to the restaurant in less than 15 mins. We thought about leaving but for the sake of my blog and all my dear readers out there, we had to get the full experience for you guys so we endured it. We were starving and already waited for 50 mins at this point.

the fire trucks

to give u the ultimate experience, here’s a vid clip

Half of the customers left when we returned inside. They finally brought our hot pot and couple veggie dishes and noodles. So throughout the night the service was EXTREMELY slow. Not only that, after couple hours, they only brought us half of the stuff we ordered. Every time I asked the waiter where the rest of our food was he had no idea what was brought to us and what wasn’t. I had to name each dish that hadn’t been brought to us (not to mention it took me at least 10 mins of staring or waving at the waiter every time I tried to get his attention). He would only bring us 1-2 dishes every time I asked then forgot the rest again. This went on all night. We were super frustrated and starving! He would also name the dishes wrong; no idea what he was bringing to us. At the end of the meal, he still missed a few dishes but we all really just lost all our patience and just asked for the bill. How could this possibly happen!?!??!?!?! We checked everything off on a piece of paper so they should know what exactly we ordered. It’s hot pot! They don’t need to cook anything just wash the veggies and cut the meat and bring them over! How can you mess this up so bad?! They absolutely had no training whatsoever, not even common sense.

the veggie dumplings that the waiter had no clue about – chives, eggs, vermicelli.
at this point, the dinner already lasted 3+ hours. When the bill came, it was TOTALLY wrong. We got charged for some of the stuff that was never brought to us. They also charged us for a bottle of spring water. There was a bottle of spring water on the table but my friend brought that from home. WTFFFFFFF really?!? So I circled every item that was wrong on the bill for him and walked to the cashier with him, the bill kept going up each time he modified it. It took them FOUR tries to finally get the correct amount. At this time, we were beyond mad. They offer to give us some kinda ‘VIP’ card. We rejected it without a second thought. I told them we will never come back again and they ask me cluelessly ‘why’? Their cluelessness got us mad even more. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH we just wanted to bang our heads against the wall. this whole bill situation took another 30+ minutes, so our entire dinner lasted almost 4 hours. last  time i had a 3+ hours dinner was eating a 27- course sushi tasting menu.

in terms of food:

you can get your own sauce


the broth was only ok. flavor wasnt rich at all, jus flat, msg, salty taste. the spiciness was not pleasant, like it was gonna choke up your throat and it wasnt even spicy enough for us.


this was the only time that the water boiled and never boiled again after we dumped food in. the heat was really low even we  turned it to high.


the meat was pretty hard, thick, and chewy and too much fat on it.
hot pot meat should be sliced paper thin, melts in your mouth soft and mostly lean meat.



as we were eating, the water kept dripping down on us from the ceiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well flavored, but fried instead of grilled

we order 15+ different kinds of veggies, noodles, dumpling dishes, but since the service was super super super slow and we were starving. i didnt wanna make my friends to wait any longer to take my pictures, so i stopping taking pictures.

since the heat was never hot enough, the oil started to grease together. got pretty nasty.

i understand that they just opened not long ago, but this kinda service is beyond hopeless. if you are not ready, at least start with a soft opening instead of a GRAND opening. Only serve limited amount of people until you get comfortable it. At least realize your mistakes, learn how to use the cashier machine, and have some kinda common sense. food was nothing special, even they had something good, half of the stuff on the menu was not available. Average food with this kinda disastrous service. We will not be back for sure. i dont think they will be ready anytime soon.

if you are still reading, thank you so much you are awesome. i really had a terrible experience and felt even more terrible for putting my friends through this. experiences like this are really unforgettable. RIP my brain cells that died that night from all that frustration and anger!

Little Lamb Restaurant
Categories: Food Do-It-Yourself Food Restaurants Asian Fusion Do-It-Yourself Food, Asian Fusion
326 Cambridge St
(between North Grove St & Grove St)
Boston, MA 02114
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

(857) 233-2688

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31 thoughts on “Little Lamb Restaurant | A Disastrous Experience | Boston, MA

  1. Holy smokes! You’re a trooper for even going back into the place… What kind of tip did you leave? I recently wanted to put 0.00 for a tip, but we had a large group and tip was automatically included…

    1. i felt the same way, but i still left about 14% tip. i mean its their fault for being so disorganized and not knowing how to run a restaurant but they werent just there chilling and doing nothing. so i felt i was obligated to give some tip jus for their labor. i normally leave about 20% for a ok service. 25% for a good one.

  2. I’m going out for hot pot tonight. I hope nothing like this happens to me! It’s amazing how even if a place has the best food, it can get ruined by bad service!

  3. ugh this is terrible – I’ve had quite a few mediocre meals in the not so distant past but nothing so bad as this! I hope you went for a nice dessert to make up for it (:

  4. Oh dear sounds absolutely appalling. I would have left but I guess your not leaving resulted in a very lively review! I guess it can’t get much worse after all you were doing all the cooking yourself – glad at least you don’t seem to have suffered food poisoning with the water not being hot enough. The most disturbing part for me was reading about the cooling oil, ugh!
    So when the waiters were busy ignoring you they were busy dealing with other enquiries about other diners’ orders I guess since you said they were working hard? I hope for their sake they sort it out, I don’t envy anyone that runs a restaurant. Service is key but also difficult to get right at the best of times!

  5. Thanks guys, I walked by it the other Saturday; this is not cheap food, too, OK, OK, when I was a “kid”: remember the term, ah.. well.. : chew and screw? The firetrucks could have carried you all away for good! who woulda’ known. That area of the “Hill” is fickled, these places come and go, but, the Med residents over at Mass General Hospital will eat anything. We’ll see? Bunny: nice Beef Photo, though! ~Ron

    1. I can come up with a 20-reason why this article sucks but that would be a waste of my time. This is why we are amateur and we jus wanna have a simple and enjoyable meal that we paid time and money for. I am human therefore I’m biased and I don’t have that kind money time and patience to try a restaurant over and over and over again. I believe that’s what the Michelin ppl do. At the end of the day only my satisfaction that matters to me. I don’t deserve leaving a restaurant angry, not even once. Especially Ive lived my whole life eating hot pot, in America as well as china where I grew up.

    2. As I clearly stated on my about page, my blog serves as a memoir for my food related experiences. By no means I’m trying to give professional advice. If you don’t know where I am coming from, shouldn’t u be judging me so soon as u stated in one of your reasons? Oops

  6. Holy cow, I’m sorry your experience here sucked big time. That is totally unacceptable. I found your blog post while finding the link to this place while I blogged about it as well during my latest post, Mongolian Hot Pot Adventure! My experience was completely different than yours – perhaps they made the necessary changes over time, because I loved it!

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