Mexico Trip: Day 1 Cancún & Dinner @ Cambalache

hola!! sorry ive been MIA for a while because ive been busy hustling night and day baking selling french macarons (click here!!!)

my friend tingting and i also went on a trip to mexico 2 weeks ago, so next a few posts will be on our trip to mexico. i took 6,586 pictures throughout our entire trip. its taking me forever to edit them because the weather was terrible, im trying to photoshop some sunshine in so you guys dont feel depressed looking at my pictures.

before i start, i just wanna thank tingting (she single ready to mingle 🙂)) for going on such trip with me, down for anything: hunting for the good food that never existed, ready to go under any bad weather and dangerous road conditions, taking care of me, hearing me complaining about the bad weather day and night, probably sick of watching me running naked in our room for 6 days or jus seeing me for 6 days 24/7 in general, calling room services and doing all the talking for me cuz i hate talking to strangers. one of the hardest thing to find in life is a friend that you can travel together. most times friendships break at the end of the trip and im speaking from experiences. a true friend that can pack up and go on adventures with you anytime to anywhere is priceless. ❤

we chose mexico not only because we wanted go somewhere tropical, its gotta amazing culture and history.

this was our original plan, but we couldnt follow it due to the bad weather.

day 1

although the plane ride was like a roller coaster, we did arrive to cancun on time and picked up our luggages after they were sniffed by police dogs. i reserved one rental car on with thrifty car rental one week before the trip. their counter was right outside the gate and they drove us to the thrifty location to get our car. as soon as you get on the van, there are two $5 bill sign that says ‘tips’ right in front of your face. tipping starts from here.

its illegal to drive in mexico without liability, so we purchased liability and the lowest damage coverage just to be safe. we got a standard sized car because their cars are pretty crappy so we didnt wanna risk the economical ones. safety first. everyone drives a volkswagen here since they are made in mexico?


we were staying at the ritz carlton in cancun. the road from the airport to our hotel was an easy drive. signs and directions were super clear, we got to our hotel no problem.


our oceanview room


i like this fridge

my friends charles and erica happened to be in cancun at the same time so we decided to meet up for dinner and visit chichen itza together the second day.

charles and erica stayed at Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach

charles and erica had been to mexico for 5 days already when we got there. they were super sick with mexican food and tacos in particular. they wanted to try this Argentinian Steakhouse that someone recommended.





margarita and some wine

tuna and octopus carpaccio

sucking pig – not too flavorful

tender skirt steak – not so tender

rib eye – this was the best piece of meat of the night

tenderloin brochette with bacon, peppers and onion





me charles and erica

me and tingting

we werent really impressed by Cambalache, but the service was great. maybe choosing to eat steaks in mexico was a bad idea to start with.

Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 9 (Plaza Forum), Cancun 77500, Mexico

after dinner we walked around the area.

we decided to get a few more drinks and call it a night to get some good rest for chichen itza the 2nd day.




i have to say that mexicans are the true hustlers. they try to sell you stuff and keep you entertained any second. true professionals. this lady was trying to sell us tequila shots. after the 20 attempts, we finally decided to buy her tequila shots. she would feed you the shot then after you took the shot, she would spin your head, squeeze and shake you boobs/nipple (if you were a guy), then shake your butt. she was super aggressive, couldnt stop her from what she does. i have to say $5 was well worth it after all that.

this is all for our first night in cancun. next up: chichen itza, one of the world’s 7 wonders, and city of valladolid

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17 thoughts on “Mexico Trip: Day 1 Cancún & Dinner @ Cambalache

  1. Good account of day one. Looing forward to seeing what happens next. I was in Cancun back in 1999 – seems like a lifetime ago. Loved it: Coco Bongos, Senor Frogs, The Calimari in TGI Friday’s was great. The trip to Isla Mujeres is definitely worth it! What camera/lens are you using? The results look great.

  2. I totally agree to your word about how hard we can meet a friend who can pack and go on a trip with us then go back to our normal life, and we still want to travel with that person again (vice versa). Good for you that you can find that person 🙂

  3. Next time in Cancun , try Bandoneon , Puerto Madero and Bovinos , in this places great meat , not in Cambalache !!!
    Regards from Mexico City
    PS. I was in Boston last weekend your restaurant review were very helpful thank you

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