Cold & Hot Ramen | Inaka | Allston Boston, MA

went to check out inaka on a cold rainy day.



we started with ebi hokkaiyaki – baked shrimp, enoki mushrooms, kani, spicy mayo, and cheese on a scallop shell.

seriously, ebi reaaaallly? cheap version of hotate hokkaiyaki. why you put shrimps on a scallop shell and why cheese? def not worth the 10 bux

i wasnt 100% in the mood for cold noodles on a cold rainy day, but i thought this would be a nice summer item to blog about so i forced myself to order it.
w o r s t idea ever!

kiyashi chuka – cold noodle with slices of pork, shirmp, egg, cucumber, seweed in a sweet vinaigrette sauce

these are not legit ramen noodles you would expect. skinny, soft, more like chinese noodles. it tasted jus like korean cold noodles. wayyy too sweet for me. cold and super sweet, my stomach wasnt too happy after i wolfed the whole bowl down.


yakibuta ramen – soy sayce flavored broth with roasted pork, nori, vegetables.

fully cooked egg?

roasted pork was nothing special, no where close to yume wo katare 

same skinny soft noodles absolutely no texture

im sorry i wasnt impressed with my meal at inaka. the waiter at inaka was super nice and tried really hard to please. yes, i do feel bad for not liking the food, but my body cant lie 😦

do give them a try on a hot summer day tho if you dont mind the sweetness of the broth and softness of the noodles.

Category: Japanese
72 Brighton Ave
(between Chester St & Reedsdale St)
Boston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
(617) 562-1668

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8 thoughts on “Cold & Hot Ramen | Inaka | Allston Boston, MA

  1. I think their ramen noodles are similar to the Hakata style ones served at NYC Ippudo, long and a little thin. The owner was really nice and came to my table to chat, and we talked about why he chose those noodles as opposed to the conventional wavy thick ramen noodles. He said these retain their shape better in the soup so you can take your time to eat and chat with friends. But yeah, at the end of the day, their shoyu broth didn’t impress me too much. I also ordered a Tatsuda Age appetizer and the portion was waaaay too small. Still, I encourage people to go there at least once to try it out since the owner is super nice and deserves at least one visit.

    1. yea thanks for the insight. he’s so nice that i really feel bad for not liking the food haha. my hokkaiyaki was a total rip off and ramen were ok. the noodles are the most important element to me in any noodle dishes. thats why im hesitated to try ippudo because i know i wont like the noodles hehe. ive seen pictures of ippudo ramen, they do appear to be more al dente than what inaka has despite the fact they all thin. what do you think?

      1. The Ramen at Ippudo is a god-send, not even kidding. The noodles were more al-dente, you should give them a try even though they are skinny. The broth was also really good, I’m drooling just thinking about it. There is also Santouka Ramen in Mitsuwa Marketplace NJ that’s worth a try, and their noodles are more up your alley I think. So tempted to just hop on the Yo!Bus and go to NYC right now -__-

  2. There are different types of ramen noodles depending on the region of Japan. The noodles at Inaka aren’t limp and textureless because he’s not using the “right” type. Rather, he’s sticking out in the way that Hakata-style ramen is used. Many of us Japanese students (especially us from the south where there is only Hakata style noodles) are thrilled to finally find a place that has ramen like the ones from home. Hopefully the Hakata style will catch on because it is the only ramen some of us will eat. I do however agree on the broth, it’s missing richness and depth some of the others have. But I know the owner is truly passionate and will get there.. He goes on trips to Japan specifically to research their ramen!

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