An exquisite meal by Chef Bing Liu

im a huge fan of fugu truck and chef Bing Liu’s cooking. this past weekend, Bing was doing a spontaneous dinner which i was lucky enough to partake.




the scallop was absolutely seared to perfection. i’d say one of the best scallops ive ever had.



braised short ribs. extremely soft, juicy, and seasoned perfectly. simply amazing.

persimmon with ricotta cheese, grapefruit and honey dressing. refreshing and a nice ending to the meal.


with a Le Cordon Bleu Paris diploma, Chef Bing has worked at Corton and Dovetail (both Michelin-starred) in new york city as well as Taillevent in Paris. i was really impressed by how incredibly delicious these dishes were. although it was jus a spontaneous fun dinner for a few friends, everything was exquisitely prepared and executed. i cant wait to see what else Chef Bing has to offer. He mentioned an interest in doing a pop up. if you are interested in hiring a personal chef or trying Bing’s creations, please check out Bing’s page on

Thanks so much Chef Bing for an unforgettable home cooked meal.


5 thoughts on “An exquisite meal by Chef Bing Liu

  1. We can only dream about excellent food trucks, the only food trucks that we have are hot-dog & burger trucks! Waw! This looks all like exquisit foods! Those scallops look really tasty & even foods that I don’t eat, like those spiced ribs look amazing! Great shots too! 🙂

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