Eventide Oyster Co. | Portland, ME

on a hot summer day, couldnt find anything better to do other than drinking some beer and slurping on some oysters. we drove to portland, me for some fresh oysters straight from the source.

eventide oyster co. is very small, an hour wait on a saturday night

we sat on the patio



a good selection of oysters. we got 2 dozens: 1 from maine and 1 from away.
FROM MAINE: Winterpoint Selects, Norumbega, John’s River, Basket Island, Pemaquid, Flying Point, North Haven, Pine Point, Wild Belon
FROM AWAY: Fire River, Fire River, Kusshi, Kumamoto, Quilcene, Duxbury, Katama, Beau Soleil, Cuttyhunk

oysters were all super fresh. they had some pretty interesting accoutrements such as kim chee ice

atlantic halibut crudo
black bean, radish, bok choy

muscadet – known as the perfect oyster wine. light bodied, sweet, crisp, jus the way i like it


Fried Oyster Bun
Tartar, Pickles

pig ear terrine –
english pea, pickled pepper, beach rose


Peekytoe Crab Salad
avocado, cucumber, mustard oil


very pretty plates, look like made of shells


probably oyster delivery

i enjoyed everything at eventide oyster co. except the pig ear terrine. food was very fresh. my friends thought the seafood dishes lacked flavors, but i enjoyed as they way they were. i dont like my seafood heavily flavored which can completely overpower their delicate and subtle natural flavor. seafood has to be very fresh itself and minimum seasoning needed to complement its natural flavor.

Eventide Oyster Co
Categories: Diners, Seafood
86 Middle St
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 774-8538

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7 thoughts on “Eventide Oyster Co. | Portland, ME

    1. Definitely try Neptune oyster in boston. One of my favorite places in boston. Besides the oysters, get the johnnycake. Mind blowing, please trust me haha. go during lunchtime on weekdays, otherwise expect 1.5 to 2 hours wait. they dont take reservations.

  1. Glad you were able to head north to my country! I don’t care for oysters, but Maine seafood in general ROCKS!. Glad you made it up to Portland, I know if you like good food, you will be back, there are amazing restaurants in that city.

  2. I’m with you on good seafood not needing a lot of added flavor. I think people are not used to the actual taste of seafood.

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