Pai Men Miyake Revisit | Portland, ME

its never just one dinner whenever we travel to places to eat. after a few drinks at eventide oyster co. , i started to crave ramen. ive had a disappointing experience at pai men miyake 1st time i visited. they are known for their ramen and i visited pai men miyake after my japanese friend Nao recommendation, but the first time i was there, i ordered everything but ramen cuz i wasnt feeling it that night.

we decided to give pai men miyake another try since we were in town.




pork buns- steamed buns with braised pork belly, gouchujang mayo, & pepper relish
the pork buns were bigger and tasted better than i remembered. perfectly braised and roasted, melts in your mouth, non of that gamey porky taste which was a plus to me.

chicken skin yakitori


its refreshing to photograph other ppl than pork belly IMG_6043


chef bing wasnt too happy about the not thinly cut scallions

nagasaki champon ramen – lobster, shrimp, & pork broth with bean sprouts, wakame, menma, shaved pork loin, xo condiment

pai tan
pork & chicken broth topped with pork belly, scallion, & nori


i dont know if we were drunk, but food tasted better this time. our ramen was a little bland at the begining, but after a few drops of soy sauce and shichimi, they tasted fine. the broth was relatively rich and the texture of the noodles was passable. the portions were a little too small tho. i wouldnt drive all the way to portland just to eat the ramen @ miyake, but if i happen to be in town and looking for something comforting after a few drinks, i might come visit again.


Pai Men Miyake
188 State St
Portland, ME 04101

(207) 541-9204

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