China Star Dim Sum Lounge and Bar / Restaurant Lowell, MA Boston

came to China Star Dim Sum Lounge and Bar / Restaurant while ago when we still lived in billerica.

i thought this was pretty awesome.

spacious and relatively new looking

what’s with these chinese waitresses in mini skirts

some cart pushing actions

shao mai (pork dumplings)- pork belly’s favorite and my least favorite. too porky for me

chives shirmp dumplings – my favorite

steamed spareribs with rice noodle roll


chicken feet, i dont eat this stuff

rice noodles stuffed with fried dough.


shrimp tofu skin roll

shrimp rice noodle roll


egg custard


China Star was probably the best dim sum ive had outside chinatown. everything was freshly made. i would def go again if i didnt move back to malden.

China Star Dim Sum Lounge and Bar
Category: Restaurants Chinese Dim Sum Dim Sum
1733 Middlesex St
Lowell, MA 01851
(978) 856-7780

6 thoughts on “China Star Dim Sum Lounge and Bar / Restaurant Lowell, MA Boston

  1. I looooove dim sum, but it’s so hard to find good dim sum outside of Chinatown/Dorchester. That huge picture menu is great! That would be really helpful to me since mostly I just grunt and point like a caveman when I want something from the carts. Also, no tripe? I do enjoy my tripe when I go!

    1. no haha, i dont eat any stomach, organs, or intestines. im not so chinese in that sense. ive tried tripe before i think, dont think i liked it that much haha. glad you can enjoy more kinds food than me!

  2. There is absolutely no good dim sum where I live. Also why, Oh why don’t you eat chicken feet? It’s one of the best parts?

  3. So that’s where you go to find dim sum beyond the perimeters of Chinatown:) Being from San Francisco, I have frequent cravings, esp. for har gow. My mouth is watering just looking at your beautiful photos!

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