FuLoon Restaurant | Malden, MA Boston

fuloon used to be one of my fave sichuan restaurants in boston, but i stopped eating at fuloon restaurant for a while cuz their quality had gone downhill. the other night my friends wanted to eat there so we tagged along. the food quality seemed better, at least for the night i went.

sichuan red pepper chicken

double cooked pork with cabbage

spicy fish

mushrooms with greens



FuLoon Restaurant
Category: Restaurants Chinese Chinese
375 Main St
Malden, MA 02148

(781) 388-3338

Fuloon on Urbanspoon

9 thoughts on “FuLoon Restaurant | Malden, MA Boston

      1. Forgot to mention, their appetizers are better than their entrees. There’s an appetizer that has pork belly which I definitely recommend. I think they’re either closed only on Sundays or Mondays I forget. Just a heads up!

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