FuLoon Restaurant | Malden, MA Boston

fuloon used to be one of my fave sichuan restaurants in boston, but i stopped eating at fuloon restaurant for a while cuz their quality had gone downhill. the other night my friends wanted to eat there so we tagged along. the food quality seemed better, at least for the night i went.

sichuan red pepper chicken

double cooked pork with cabbage

spicy fish

mushrooms with greens



FuLoon Restaurant
Category: Restaurants Chinese Chinese
375 Main St
Malden, MA 02148

(781) 388-3338

Fuloon on Urbanspoon


9 thoughts on “FuLoon Restaurant | Malden, MA Boston

  1. Haha I grew up in Malden too but never ventured out to try this place. You should theck out Cafe Oya on Exchange Street since you’re close to that area!

      1. Forgot to mention, their appetizers are better than their entrees. There’s an appetizer that has pork belly which I definitely recommend. I think they’re either closed only on Sundays or Mondays I forget. Just a heads up!

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