Nan Xiang Dumpling House | Flushing, NY | How to eat a soup dumpling

our trip to flushing was meant to be restaurant hopping, meaning going from restaurant to restaurant ordering only 1 or 2 their signature dishes. not everything is good at one restaurant so why bother to have a whole meal there when you only wanna try the best one they have. although the concept makes sense, this is very hard to do when you have a group of 7 people. not only taking forever to get a table, but also would make the restaurant mad since we are only ordering one dish. we broke our rules at the 1st restaurant, FU RUN; we ordered too much at one place, but thankfully everything tasted amazing.

after fu run, i ditched 4 of my friends and went on my journey. nan xiang dumpling house was on my list, but i had other priorities. we tried to find a few other restaurants, but they were either closed for the night or we couldnt find it since all of our phones were dead at this point.


shanghai is famous for their soup dumplings and nan xiang is the most OG among all in shanghai. altho i much much much much much MUCH prefer the ones at jia jia soup dumplings in shanghai, where i had the BEST soup dumplings ever!!!!! none of other ones including ding tai feng comes even close.

anyways, back to nan xiang dumpling house. menu’s very simple straight forward, but i wouldnt bother with other dishes. we ordered only soup dumplings.


crab and pork soup dumpling 蟹粉小笼包


pork soup dumpling – i prefer this better than the ones with crab. the soup is much more transparent and lighter/less oily in a very good way.


best way to eat soup dumplings is to eat it while it’s still hot/warm.

1. you pick up the dumpling by the tip. i usually just use my chopsticks instead of the tong. i find the tong is rather harder to use and easier to break the skin which you want to avoid at all cost,

demonstration by pork belly:

2. place it in the vinegar and let it take a bath to cool down just a little bit otherwise the hot soup inside the soup dumpling will burn your mouth.

3. shower it in vinegar with the little spoon that they provide.

4. place the soup dumpling carefully on the bigger spoon, take a bite and suck out all the soup, then enjoy the rest.

Nan xiang VS. Joe’s shanghai.
joe’s shanghai in chinatown is out of the pictures. so bad. joe’s shanghai in flushing is a lot better. although i cant remember exactly, i do prefer the pork soup dumplings (without crab) at nan xiang. the soup is less oily and delicious. the wrap is thinner at nan xiang, but easier to break. i dont remember a lot of dumplings broke at joe’s shanghai. i also noticed the soup dumplings at nan xiang were noticeably soupier. where is your favorite place? please let me know what you think?

ahshit i miss the soup dumplings at jiajia in shanghai. one of the a few best things on earth.

food: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533
ambience: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533
service: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533

from 5 to 1: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.

Nan Xiang Dumpling House
Category: Chinese
38-12 Prince St
Flushing, NY 11354
Neighborhoods: Downtown Flushing, Flushing
(718) 321-3838

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