Kogiya Korean BBQ | Annandale, VA | Washington, DC

heard annandale got a new korean bbq joint, so we were super excited to check it out. honey pig korean bbq is the OG in the area when it comes to korean bbq, but some say kogiya is even better.


kogiya offers all you can eat option that features 5 different types of meat, but we didnt get it since 4 of the 5 are pork. i like pork, jus not a whole meal of it.



korean bbq doesnt taste right without some soju in your hand. we got yogurt soju. i love how they give u a whole bottle of soju to mix instead of very weak mixed soju drinks.


there is a drawer next you with utensils and napkins. this is so convenient cuz i use crazy amount of napkins and i always have to ask for them.




pork belly





bulgogi – marinated sliced rib eye


DAK GUI- mild marinated chicken


galbi – marinated short ribs



O-LI JUMULUK- chefs special marinated duck


NOW WATCH EVERYTHING IN ACTION! make sure you choose HD quality!

we really enjoyed our food and experience at kogiya. not only food was mad fresh, delicious, and good quality, but also the service was fantastic. they helped us to grill everything from start to finish. the key to good bbq is all about how you cook it. even you have the best meat on earth, but if you overcook it, nothing will taste right. they also changed different type of grill according to the types of the meat. i usually find services at korean restaurants are rude most likely because we are not koreans, but the service at kogiya was relatively friendly. surprisingly to say, i might like this place better than the OG honey pig . what do you guys think?

food: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533
ambience: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533
service: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533

Kogiya Korean BBQ
Categories: Korean, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Barbeque
4220-A Annandale Rd
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 942-6995

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here’s couple pix i took at Smithsonian’s National Zoo in DC.




we went to the zoo mainly to see the giant pandas but mei xiang just gave birth to a baby girl on 8/23/2013 (kobe’s bday) so the exhibit was closed. i really wish the cub survives. to follow her growth, check out: https://www.facebook.com/nationalzoo and the giant panda cam 

im heading to asia tomorrow morning visiting the fam and friends. im visiting tokyo and beijing possibly taiwan in next 3 weeks, so i wont be updating my blog for a while.

my blog also just hit 7000 followers yesterday! thanks for all the love! continue eating good food and i talk to you guys when i get back!!!!!! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Kogiya Korean BBQ | Annandale, VA | Washington, DC

  1. Korean has truly become a universal gastronomy!
    Here in Shizuoka, a new restaurant opened yesterday offering Korean gastronomy for lunch and Japanese Gastronomy for dinner!
    It is an event here as the notion of clearly serving both gastronomies in the same restaurant is definitely off the beaten tracks, considering that Korean gastronomy has such a long history here in Japan!

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