BCD Tofu House | New York, NY

BCD is a korean restuarant started in cali and now it has 16 restaurants worldwide. ive been to a few of their locations.

one afternoon a few friends and i were wandering around k-town to find a lunch spot. we wanted some cheese ddukboki from Arang, but unfortunately they dont open for lunch.

BCD tofu house is always a safe bet when im looking for a place to eat in k-town, but there’s always a line regardless of what time you come. the wait is bearable since the restaurant is relatively big.

very generous with banchan

everyone gets one of these

fried dumplings

cold noodles – a little bit too sweet for my liking

raw crab with special sauce – its a good appetitzer to go with drinks, but crab meat doesnt taste as good as cooked due to its slimy texture.



abalone soondubu tofu soup. abalone is a nutritious and precious ingredient in asian cooking. although the soondubu was tasty, it didnt bring out the umami flavors of the abalone.


food: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533
ambience: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533
service: rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533rabbit-clip-art-funny-face_4507582151526533

the quality of the food at bcd tofu house is consistently good. if you are looking for something ‘safe’ and korean, bcd tofu house doesnt disappoint.

BCD Tofu House

5W 32nd St
(between Broadway & 5th Ave)
New York, NY 10001
Neighborhoods: Midtown West, Koreatown

(212) 967-1900

BCD Tofu House on Urbanspoon


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