Jo Jo TaiPei | Allston/Brighton, MA Boston

had a quick dinner at jo jo taipei the other night. pork belly was craving their pig ears.

i thought the pig ears at Gourmet Dumpling House are pretty good, but you can still taste the unpleasant piggy flavor hiding behind the spicy oil sauce. the pig ears at jo jo taipei were a lot of better. no piggy flavor hiding behind the sauce, all that delicious gelatinous outer texture with a little crunch in the center from the cartilages. just cant stop munching on it.

pancake with scallions and roasted beef- i found it a little bit too deep fried and oily.

spicy beef noodle soup – altho the noodles were far from being al dente, i did appreciate the richness of the broth. beef was on the chewier side, but overall i was satisfied with it.

jo jo taipei does stand out in the area. food quality is pretty consistent and dishes are reasonably priced. i find myself coming here once a while.

Jo Jo TaiPei
103 Brighton Ave
(between Harvard Ave & Linden St)
Allston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton

(617) 254-8889

Jo Jo Taipei on Urbanspoon


9 thoughts on “Jo Jo TaiPei | Allston/Brighton, MA Boston

      1. well that is sick…. i dont understand how can people eat something dead. and just bleah. animals are no even washing themselves. its disgusting to eat it.

  1. I love their spicy beef noodle soup! It was my fav dish when I tried Jo Jo Taipei for the first time. Don’t ever try their soup dumplings though. It was very disappointing and gross!!

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