A4 Pizza Bar | Somerville, MA Boston


went to a4 pizza bar last night. wasnt too crowded on a sunday night.


very relaxed/homey ambiance


maybe its the wood-fire oven that makes the atmosphere extra cozy.



prosciutto and local peaches – arugula and aged balsamic vinaigrette
super refreshing. the sweetness of the peaches balances well with the saltiness of the prosciutto

backed farm egg – wood roasted peppers, feta cheese, cilantro, sourdough toast.
although the toast was a little burned, it had a nice chew to it.

shiitake mushroom pizza – mushroom sauce, fontina, gremolata, and buffoni farm eggs.
our fave thing of the nite. really appreciated the rich mushroom flavor which paired well with the creamy texture of the eggs.

broccoli rabe pizza – garlic sauce, a4 sausage, green olives, and provolone
although tasty overall, it was a little bit too salty.


i really like the bar/pizza concept. if i ever own a restaurant, it’d be something like this place: it doesnt have a busy kitchen. relatively slow-paced cozy atmosphere with a simple but refined menu serving interesting beers and high quality/tasty food.

A4 Pizza Bar
445 Somerville Ave
Somerville, MA 02143

(617) 764-4190

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3 thoughts on “A4 Pizza Bar | Somerville, MA Boston

  1. This looks like my kind of place.. the pizza looks amazing! Boston is definitely on my list of places to visit, so I’ll need to remember to check your blog/ask you for recommendations when I do!

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