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ribelle is one of the new openings ive been excited about. the alumnus of David Chang’s Momofuku empire, chef tim maslow, embarked his 1st solo venture after Strip T’s. we made a reservation a week ago and ribelle received 4 stars from boston globe a few days before our reservation. boston globe is weak but the recognition got me more curious.



open kitchen

grandpa’s whiskers – lemon, carmalized onions, black tea, 10 year scotch

truffle egg toast + semolina bread, shishito peppers, lally egg
this was surprisingly tasty.


diver scallops + lima beans, pea greens, lemon, malt
the beans and greens were nicely flavored. the scallops were a bit sandy.


rye bigoli + shrimp, citrus, matsutake mushrooms
our fave dish of the night if we had to choose. super al dente bigoli with an overall sweet and citrusy flavor.

rigatoni + octopus, fennel, smoked tomato
rigatoni was firm to the bite. the sauce and octopus were satisfying and flavorful.

canestri + spicy pork sausage, broccoli rabe, tomatoes

corn ice cream + pine nut, apple
this was divine, you have to get it. seriously what can possibly taste bad with pine nuts + corn.

i had to agree with boston globe; the 4 star rating was well deserved. the food was inventive and delectable. all dishes reflected the chef’s passion for reimagined ingredients and everything worked out surprisingly well. each plate and every component was perfectly seasoned and executed.

service was relatively fast, efficient, and attentive although a busser seemed impolite. i’d def come here again soon to try out the rest of the menu.

ribelle’s menu changes pretty frequently. now they have a super good deal: if you dine there before 6:30pm, you can get any 3 dishes for $30. you can mix and match or even get 3 all meat dishes if you wanted to.  it’s a really good deal considering most of the dishes are on the full price menu as well.

Category: Italian
1665 Beacon St
Brookline, MA 02445
(617) 232-2322

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