A Typical Summer Night in Beijing, China


when im in boston, i dream about all kinds food in beijing day and night, but when im actually in beijing, i dont eat much other than bbq and hot pot. i prefer my food grilled, steamed, boiled, jus not so much stir fried. the food i eat most often when im in beijing is lamb skewers or bbq.

the ‘al fresco’ dining scene is huge in beijing on summer nights. no, its not what you just pictured: a romantic dinner with candle lights on a patio outside a fancy restaurants.

instead, they look more like:

tables barely wiped after preview customers and the ground piled up with edamame and peanuts peels and other trash. trust me, you get used to it eventually

and there are even street artists sing and play guitar for you for a small tip.

when you are in china, dont trust anything you eat especially meat. the meat you get will very unlikely to be what they advertised. if they say its lamb, its probably cat, mice, dog, beef or some other animal. but dont you worry, they will still be delicious and taste like lamb with all that brushed on lamb fat and marinate.

my dad recently moved to an area that surrounded by a huge muslim community. as we know, muslims are super strict about what they eat and how their food prepared. there are a lot of muslim restaurants in the area and they would be the last restaurants that serve fake meat. so if you are looking for real lamb skewers, you ll have better chances getting real lamb near muslim community or restaurants.


this is what everyone drinks in beijing: yan jing beer

with couple of good friends talking about our dreams and life and death while savoring these heavenly seasoned and beautifully grilled and charred meat on sticks and wash down with some ice cold beer. my life is so complete.


chicken and chicken cartilage on a stick


tasty grilled buns, crunchy on the outside and nice n fluffy inside

boiled peanuts – very popular appetitzer



14 thoughts on “A Typical Summer Night in Beijing, China

  1. I love the street food too, but there’s so much more to the Beijing food scene! I had one of the best Indian meals there and don’t forget the dumplings!

      1. LOL. You do have to have a certain amount of mental fortitude to eat in China. Even when I knew what I was eating, there were a couple of times I hesitated.

      2. I heard some unscrupulous vendors add Imodium (or sth similar) to the food so that customers won’t have any symptoms if the food is bad…no more da pai dang for me after that…

      3. OMG, really? My experience was nicer than that – I had skewered lamb somewhere in the middle of China – mongolian style and I just wanted to taste it – so the vendor just gave me a skewer for free. Everyone was eating it so I figured I was safe 🙂 That and the fried bread – can’t go wrong with fried bread.

  2. Love your suggestion about eating near Muslim communities–an easy tip I will *definitely* remember (I hope to get to Beijing one day soon!!). Thanks soo much! : ) Great pix, too.

  3. The thing about fake lamb is quite interesting, like how are you supposed to know the difference? Guess you should know the taste of mice and all the others lol. Delicious looking photos. 🙂

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