New Golden Gate | Chinatown Boston, MA

whenever i post up chinese food, i feel like its super boring for my ‘audience’ because i pretty much eat the same stuff wherever i go. sometimes when i eat out i tend to (or feel pressured) order more food or some stuff that i dont normally eat just for the sake of blogging. i have to keep reminding myself that this is not a competition or a showcase. i try not to think i have an ‘audience’ and what they wanna read about so i can purely be myself. i started the blog with a naive enthusiasm for food and photography and im not expecting to generate any monetary returns from it. my enjoyment is the biggest factor why im doing this blog and im so thankful that ive met so many awesome ppl thru my blog. although i do admit that i enjoy some of the perks i get from doing the blog, but i shouldnt let that to be my incentives. i really want to keep this blog simple and honest and purely out of enjoyment. i dont wanna be the ‘foodie’, someone super pretentious. someone judges you for liking or eating certain things like truffle oil, shepherd’s pie, or brunch. they’d be like ‘did you know truffle oil doesnt actually contain any truffles blah blah’ because foodies dont fuck with anything that isnt real. or they’d be like ‘did you know shepherd’s pie is made of all leftover food?’ WHO GIVES A FUCK. its freaking delicious. they dont eat out of pure enjoyment of food. sometimes it feels like a competition or a measurement of their social status how much awesome food they have eaten, they are all about that fine dining life. the love for food is not that sincere after all. maybe i am everything i just described and i probably sounded like it sometimes unselfconsciously, but i really dont mean to be ‘pretentious’. when i dont like the food, i really just dont like the food, its not because im not supposed to like it. food is a very personal endeavor and anyone can decide what tastes good, so i find it ridiculous when someone tries to argue with me what tastes good what doesnt. this is my blog so do i really need to explain that this is just my opinion? i just simply wanna document my experience, if you find it helpful, great! if not, sorry i wasted your time. i cant stress more than enough that food is simply personal. and just chill out, eventually it ll all be shit. so stop judging.

i love food because it’s what brings my family and friends together. i hope this blog and my love for food stay genuine.


hey its new golden gate again! one of my fave chinese restaurants in boston. we come here quite often.

crab, egg, and fish stomach soup


salt & pepper fried squid

scallops and large clams over vermicelli on shell

chinese watercress sauteed with fermented bean curd


triple delight – fried pork chop, shirmp and squid

Beef Chow Foon 干炒牛河 (fried noodles)

crab with sticky rice

everything’s so satisfying. i could eat this everyday!

New Golden Gate
Category: Chinese
66 Beach St
(between Hudson St & Oxford St)
Boston, MA 02111
Neighborhood: Chinatown
(617) 338-7721

New Golden Gate Restaurant on Urbanspoon


7 thoughts on “New Golden Gate | Chinatown Boston, MA

  1. Looks absolutely delicious, but I do know what you feel in relation to ordering, or eating, more than normal (in order to satisfy the ‘followers’). I tend to go overboard sometimes with my photos for the same reason and the variety of photo subjects.

    One thing I might suggest, being a new follower to your blog, is that it would be much easier for a sight-impaired person like myself, if you could break your long paragraph into several paragraphs with spaces in between – say 3-4 sentences in each paragraph. No doubt you have a visual style in your writing, but one long paragraph is really difficult for people like myself to read.

    Nice photos, especially the fried noodles.

  2. John Robinson I have dearly wished for smelling and tasting via the Internet for quite a while now !! Probably since 2007 , when I could share delicious food with my friends and family on the other side of the planet.

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