Boston Food Trucks

the food truck scene in boston has been growing exponentially and food trucks have been my major source of lunch ever since my office moved away from chinatown.
there’s some food truck ive tried recently:

Fugu Truck – Asian
my favorite food truck in boston, but unfortunately they are no where near prudential during lunch hours.
what i like about them: everything is exquisitely and expertly prepared. quality of the food is def top notch among food trucks. menu changes quite often, always something new to try. did i mention everything is absolutely scrumptious and beautiful to the eyes?

bulgogi beef tacos



gyudon – beef rice bowl

cold ramen with ham
Fugu Truck on Urbanspoon

Bon Me – vietnamese
my 2nd favorite food truck of all and my most go-to one since they are always near prudential. i probably eat bon me 3 times a week.
what i like about them: ingredients always so fresh as advertised. i hate carrots in general, but i really enjoy their pickled carrots. very light and refreshing but still very tasty. good portion, doesnt give me food coma after lunch.
chocolate rice pudding – didnt taste so good maybe because of the presentation.
Bon Me on Urbanspoon

Biryani Park – indian

SNS Biryani Park on Urbanspoon

baja taco truck

not too big of a fan. meat was dry.

(781) 631-2700

Trolley Dogs/Boston Italian Ice


Captain Marden’s Food Truck – seafood
lobster roll – a little overpriced. fries were burned.
(617) 921-9322
Captain Marden's Seafoods on Urbanspoon

cupcake city
meh- i can make way better cupcakes.

(781) 944-0400
Cupcake City on Urbanspoon

Mei Mei Street Kitchen food truck – “asian”
what i like: outstanding service, super friendly, cute looking staff, always puts a smile on my face. a very well run business
what i dont like: food, small portions – one item is never enough for lunch, over-priced for what it is.

double awesome- overly salty, greasy, the cheese is too overpowering.

beef blue

beef dumplings

(617) 851-0499
Mei Mei Street Kitchen Food Truck on Urbanspoon

momogoose food truck – asian
the worst food ever, all around terrible. i usually can still shovel it down my throat when the food tastes bad, but this bowl of ‘ramen’ from momogoose was so terrible that i couldnt even swallow my 3rd bite. absolutely disgusting, the broth tasted like dirty greasy dish fluid, the meat was not fresh at all, the veggies had absolutely no flavors. the noodles werent ramen noodles and had no textures whatsoever. i felt like i should get paid to eat food that’s this terrible. they should be shamed to serve food like this.
(671) 807-0706
Momogoose Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Chubby Chickpea – Middle Eastern
the lamb tasted super processed, never again.

Frozen Hoagies Truck – ice cream
Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.01.27 AM
Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.02.07 AM
Frozen Hoagies on Urbanspoon


13 thoughts on “Boston Food Trucks

  1. I heard momogoose was good but I guess their cooking has plummeted since then. Have you tried the food from the Clover food truck? I personally haven’t since I used to work around Downtown/Financial District. I remember always walking by it but never had the chance to try it.

    1. lol i have no idea, but momogoose is indeed popular. they have several trucks, no idea why. i havent tried clover, their menu is jus not appealing to me i guess. mainly sandwiches and salads, 2 things i dont really eat.

  2. Food trucks? An interesting concept.
    Wish we had them here, although I can well imagine some ending up serving disgusting, tasteless ‘mush’.

    That chocolate rice dessert looks repulsive. So does the fried food. We are getting more & more cafes & restaurants where the front windows slide up or aside, to turn them into open air restaurants & bars. Works well with our ‘cafe society’.

  3. Awesome post! I’ll have to find some of those food trucks before I leave Boston. But I loved the fact that we get to see some low quality food right there below the good stuff.

  4. I’ve never seen a real food truck, and from your photos I’m not sure I ever want to. Here in KY we have dives and drive thrus, but too rural for a food truck to operate and make a living. We once had a dive with a tree growing thru the middle but the tree won that contest, and the place is now gone.

  5. Wooooh, Food Trucks!! You guys seem to have a noticeably higher percentage of Asian trucks than we do…. lucky….
    Certainly some fun offerings out in Boston, hope some day I get the chance to try them and compare to MN in person.

  6. ah! thanks for this post. i’m going to watch out for ‘fugu truck’! the one we eat at most frequently is the chicken and rice guys. i’ve had bon me once, i had noodle soup which was okay but not amazing…. i’ll have to try the other foods next time. thanks for this post!

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