Yuko Kitchen | Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles, CA

i went on a small vacation to cali recently before my new job starts. perfect weather, GREAT food, smell of the ocean, a few awesome friends, cali’s always a perfect getaway. if you follow my instagram, you probably saw i ate SO MUCH during this trip. so i will be sharing some of the places i visited in the next @*&#@* posts.


we didnt have a car the 1st day we were in LA, so we went to yuko kitchen for lunch mainly because it’s walking distance to where we stayed. it’s a ‘japanese’ fusion ‘lunch’ ‘sandwich’ spot serving relatively healthy options.

we got there pretty early since we werent adjusted to west coast time yet. it does get very busy during lunch time.


the restaurant is relatively small, but they have some outdoor seatings.



water bottles flavored with fresh fruits and herbs


left: their bubble teas werent too good. if you had to get one, get the green tea one.
right: matcha filling cookie

hmmm, mint and strawberry water. i should do this at home


it’s 40 degrees back home in boston, heheheheh.

Garlic Shrimp Rice Bowl
Garlic Butter Shrimp over Rice, Green Salad with Zuchini and Cherry Tomato.
tasty, refreshing, huge portion, beautiful colors.


Chicken Plate
Teriyaki Chicken & Rice, 4p Spicy Salmon Roll, Salad, a Shot of tomato Soup and cookies with matcha cream.


Spicy Salmon Rice Cake

although i wouldnt considered yuko kitchen a designated food spot, it would be a great lunch option if i worked in the area. fresh ingredients, tasty food, and relatively healthy, not to mention friendly service and nice ambience.

Yuko Kitchen

5484 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Neighborhood: Mid-Wilshire

(323) 933-4020

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9 thoughts on “Yuko Kitchen | Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles, CA

  1. Interesting combination in that Garlic butter, Shrimp & Rice with the salad ingredients. Looks rather yummy to me (and nice to see some greens on the plate).

  2. Thanks for virtually taking us there… looks and sounds awesome. I enjoy your blog, living vicariously through it. And the photos are spectacular. I can’t take good food photos to save my arse.

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