Hodori Restaurant | Pico-Union Los Angeles, CA


not sure why, but its been a tradition that our friend chris takes us to hodori after he picks up from the airport. it’s a 24/7 korean restaurant. as many of you might know, LA has the largest korean population outside of korea. the koreantown in LA is HUGE and packed with so much good food.

as i have mentioned many times in my posts, im not too crazy about korean food in general, but i was reading Roy Choi’s book: L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food on the plane, so i was actually feeling some. (anyone else bought the book? i enjoyed the stories, but i found the recipes to be weak and incomplete, what do you think?)



i really liked this banchan. beef with peppers in sweet soy sauce.

galbi tang – short rib soup w/rice

jeon bok jook – chopped abalone porridge
roy choi mentioned a lot about abalone porridge in his book, so i thought i’d try it out. i was expecting big chunks of abalone like chinese seafood porridge but there was none. i guess i ll stick with chinese fish porridge in the future.

galbi – bbq short rib – a little too chewy

hodori is a spot where people go after drinking and clubbing since it’s 24/7. food wasnt bad but im sure you can find way better food in koreantown during day time.

Hodori Restaurant
Category: Korean
1001 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
Neighborhood: Pico-Union
(213) 383-3554

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3 thoughts on “Hodori Restaurant | Pico-Union Los Angeles, CA

  1. My ex’s Aunt-In-Law is Korean and I have tried a couple Korean dishes but not many. I remember kim chi and bulgogi. My spelling may be off. Liked them both. The first time I met her she didn’t even talk to me, just said to my ex, “Jimmy, you should’ve married yourself a nice Korean girl”. I almost fell off my chair. We/they are all white folk and it just blew me away how truthful she was. I like her.

  2. I’ve never had Korean food, but we have lots of Chinese restaurants in this area, and I love Chinese. Even make stir fry’s at home. The food in the post looked good, but I’m not a fan of short ribs in any form.

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