Din Tai Fung | Arcadia, CA Los Angeles


one of the places we must stop by whenever we are in town is din tai fung. dont get me wrong; by no means this is the best xiaolong bao (XLB)/soup dumplings place. it’s just better than any of the places on the east coast. if you are wondering where has the BEST XLB, check out here.


din tai fung is a restaurant originated from taiwan and has locations all over the world (mainly asia). it’s known internationally for its XLB.

their red tea milk is actually decent. made with real tea rather powder.

pickled cucumbers.

i was here for soup dumplings, so i didnt order other things to fill up my stomach. their original pork soup dumplings are my favorite. the skin is indeed exceptional thanks to mexican cooks from the 2nd picture. thin but still strong enough to hold the fillings inside without breaking. the soup and the meat inside were flavorful without being greasy at all unlike the bad soup dumplings you get elsewhere.

pork with crab meat soup dumplings.

Green/winter Melon and shrimp dumplings – although i appreciated the big chunk of shrimps, the flavors were on the subtle side.

although still cant compare to my favorite XLB, XLB at din tai fung were still satisfying and better than what i can get on the east coast.

Din Tai Fung
Categories: Dim Sum, Taiwanese, Shanghainese
1108 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 574-7068

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