Ittoku | Allston/Brighton Boston, MA


ittoku, a new japanese izakaya, has been opened less than a month on Commonwealth. not for a fact, but ittoku is a joint venture between Carlos Garcia of Café Mami, Manabu Ito and Taiji Miheo from Sapporo Ramen, Chiki-san, a sushi chef at Ebi Sushi, and Yakitori Zai’s yakitori chef Sho Inoue.


if you are not familiar with the concept ‘izakaya’ 居酒屋, it’s a basically a casual drinking place for after working drinking where food is also served to accompany the drinks. ‘i’ means to stay and ‘sake-ya’ means sake shop in japanese. it’s very similar to spanish tapas.


not sure if i liked the ambiance here. the restaurant is very open, spacious, bright rather than cramped/tight space im used to at izakayas. it didnt feel cozy and intimate.

moving on to the food:

chanja: spicy marinated pollack fish trip stomach – crunchy texture.

kimchee ra-yu hiyayakko – chilled tofu with homemade spicy oil. i didnt like the fact that firm tofu was used rather than kinugoshi (silken) tofu.

kinoko butter itame – assorted mushrooms pan fried with butter


takowasa – raw octopus marinated with fresh wasabi
tsukune – chicken meatballs
eringi – king oyster mushrooms – no flavor
shishitou – sweet green pepper – no flavor


bacon & okura
bacon & enoki mushroom
bacon & uzura (quail eggs)
shishamo – smelt – i do appreciate a nice char, but this was very burned.
ninniku – garlic


momo – chicken thigh
bonjiri – chicken tail
torikawa – chicken skin – not charred enough
ebi – shrimp – dry
butabara – pork belly – barely flavored
sunagimo – chicken gizzard – too dry
gyutan – beef tongue
karubi – beef short rib – tasted metallic

service was friendly and polite, but very slow. the food was very underwhelming, bland (kushiyaki), relatively low quality, and not very well executed. the ambience felt more like a restaurant than izakaya which killed the mood for drinking. didnt feel satisfied after the meal and it wasnt cheap. the $1 valet parking might have been the best part of the night. dont think i will be back anytime soon.

if you wonder how its compared to now closed yakitori zai: food was a lot better at yakitori zai, but ittoku is cheaper.

Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bars
1414 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton
(617) 396-8420

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