Seolleongtang @ Seoul Soulongtang | Allston/Brighton Boston, MA


Seoul Soulongtang is another newly opened restaurant in allston/brighton area specializing in Soulongtang or Seolleongtang, a milky white soup from seoul made of long-simmered ox leg bones or other cuts. the location is where Toro Sushi / Cheo Ga Jip used to be. they did a good job on the renovation; it looks a lot of more spacious, clean, and bright.


soulongtang – white ox bone broth with brisket, marrow and thin flour noodles + add taste with salt and scallion
it’s a milky white soup that is simmered for a long time so the bone marrow can release into the broth which gives the milky richness. the seasoning is done at the table according to personal taste by adding salt, ground black pepper, and scallions. the aroma is very rich and meaty. however, some people complain about the lack of meat in the soup, but it didnt bother me.

samkyupsal gui – grilled thick sliced pork belly

yook gae jang – spicy beef broth with assorted vegetables and shredded beef
i personally prefer yook gae jang over soulongtang because it’s lighter and has less meaty taste. however, i noticed the yook gae jang at Seoul Soulongtang was more milky and richer than other places. i wonder if they used the same broth as the soulongtang. i enjoyed it a lot.

the service was pretty slow but forgivable considering they are still working out kinks as a newly opened restaurant. the food was delicious/satisfying and surprisingly good quality comparing other korean restaurants in the area like kaju. i ll probably find myself wolfing down a bowl of yook gae jang often especially in this 20 degrees weather. i just secretly wish they dont get so popular too quickly so i wont have to wait in line for it.

Seoul Soulongtang
Category: Korean
1245 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02134
Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton

Seoul Soulongtang on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Seolleongtang @ Seoul Soulongtang | Allston/Brighton Boston, MA

  1. Nice to see they finally churned out something tasty. Last time I was there the shop was called Yumy’s, and the korean owners were serving japanese ramen. That did not taste good AT ALL. Seems like they finally found a culinary hole to fill (lack of Seolleongtang in the area) and went for it.

  2. You find the most interesting spots. Do you eat out most days of the week? I don’t live in Boston, but I pass on your reco’s to my family and friends in the area.

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