Izakaya Seki | Washington, DC | {FUJIFILM X100S}


thanksgiving weekend, we went back to pork belly’s home DC/Virginia to attend a wedding as well as spending the holiday with his fam. while we were in town, we checked out izakaya seki.



they have a huge drink menu, even for an izakaya

Hokkaido scallop carpaccio w/ yuzu shiso

Tako Wasa: octopus, fresh wasabi

Uni w/quail egg & wasabi

Mero w/sweet miso

Beef tongue w/yuzu miso

Inaniwa Udon Warm dashi w/pork belly kakuni


everything we ordered was absolutely delicious and very well executed. the service was friendly and the ambience felt more like a cafe than an izakaya. the down side was the price: very expensive.

did you guys notice something different about my pix? pork belly got me a new camera! fuji x100s, the camera i always wanted! i love my dslr, but it’s jus too heavy to carry around with me all the time and it’s hard to take selfies with. so all above pix were taken with the new x100s, what do you think?
ive only had it for a few days and still tryna learn how to use it. there def likes and dislikes and it can never replace my dslr, but overall im happy with it so far.

Izakaya Seki on Urbanspoon

Izakaya Seki
Category: Japanese
1117 V St NW
(between N 12th St & N 11th St)
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 588-5841


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