Taiwanese Pineapple Cake & Mini Break Instant Coffee

i dont do product reviews often, but i recently got to try 2 new products from A-Sha Dry Noodle: Taiwanese Pineapple Cake & Mini Break Instant Coffee. i really enjoyed them so i thought i’d share.

Taiwanese Pineapple Cake

their pineapple cakes use authentic Fresh Pineapple in Tainan. if you are not familiar with pineapple cakes, it’s one of most notable dessert snacks created in Taiwan. today however, most commercial pineapple cakes actually use Winter Melon flavoring and other substitutes. Only around 3 brands in Taiwan still use real pineapple, A-Sha is one of them. i was in a chinese grocery store the other day and they carried 5+ different brands of pineapple cakes. i read the ingredient labels of each one of them, they ALL contain winter melon.



Box of 9 individually wrapped cakes

they are rich, crumbly, buttery on the outside and filled with tender tasty pineapples inside. they are very delicious snacks that go very well with coffee or tea. i shared with my fam and a few friends, they all loved it. they said the quality is excellent, a lot better than what we can find in local grocery stores.


i thought this would be prefect for the holiday season. if you are interested of buying them, check out: http://shop.ashadrynoodle.com/Taiwanese-Pineapple-Cake-Box-of-9-individually-wrapped-cakes-2013001.htm
also check out their facebook page, sometimes they have coupons.

Mini Break Instant Coffee
my new job really requires attention to details and boring readings. ive been drinking sht load of coffee everyday recently ever since i started with my new job cuz i really need to stay awake and focused. there is one starbucks nearby but i cant afford to wait in line for 25 mins and 2/3 times a day. there’s a flavia coffee machine at the office but i just dont like how it tastes. i also have the option to brew my own coffee but that just takes too long.

mini break instant coffee is the perfect solution to this.

the Minibreak coffee uses fresh ground “Blue Mountain” Columbian coffee grounds, and uses a new convenient system to have fresh ground coffee WITHOUT a coffee maker.

flip open the handles and prop Mini Break filter on the edge of your cup and pour hot water into the top of Mini Break filter and let the rich coffee and aroma drip through the filter. nice and easy. i actually enjoyed the
‘brewing’ process; i could really take a break and rest my eyes.

i was surprised by how good quality the coffee is. very rich and aromatic. nothing tastes like instant coffee and even better than a lot of freshly brewed coffee. oh, did you notice my cool mug that pork belly got me as a gift? it changes color as you pouring in hot water hehe.

for more info, see site here: http://www.minibreakcoffee.com/home.html

you can purchase here: http://shop.ashadrynoodle.com/Mini-Break-Instant-Coffee-1-Box-7-Individual-Packs-2016001.htm

have a relaxing weekend everyone, im off to a hotpot feast chea!

*disclaimer: the products were sent to me for free, but i did not get paid to write this review nor obligated to.


5 thoughts on “Taiwanese Pineapple Cake & Mini Break Instant Coffee

  1. We have wonderful coffee ‘bags’ down under in Oz and the Italian Espresso style is the only coffee I drink each morning. All the taste of superb Italian espresso without the hassle of waiting for it to brew.

  2. I hadn’t ever seen coffee bags like that before. Those would be great for work since we aren’t allowed coffee pots anymore. Something about a fire hazard. SMH. I will have to go check those out.

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