OB Bear | Los Angeles, CA | Koreatown, Wilshire Center

almost 1am and im starving. im craving wings right now so i guess i ll write about this korean joint in LA.


ob bear is more like a korean bar than a restaurant and it feels like an old italian pizza place.


a lot TVs, awesome place to catch a lakers game.

most ppl come here for wings and beer and thats pretty much what we got. wings were very solid. it’s everything i could ask for a piece of fried chicken wing.

i want them RIGHT NOW


we also got sesame leaf & jalapeño pancake which i liked a lot and it’s something different than just seafood/kimchi pancakes.

why do i torture myself by doing this post when im starvin 😥

a great place for one of those nights you just wanna grab some chicken and beer with couple friends and watch a game. i really liked the ambience; it felt intimate and relaxing, not super loud and crowded for a bar.


OB Bear
Categories: Korean, Pubs, Sandwiches
3002 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Neighborhoods: Koreatown, Wilshire Center
(213) 480-4910

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5 thoughts on “OB Bear | Los Angeles, CA | Koreatown, Wilshire Center

  1. Flickr changed its HTML coding and now it’s such a pain… I’m just wondering if you encountered this and the reason for no posts since that change is due to the change?

    1. haha thanks for noticing i havent done any posts recently. my flickr html coding works fine and i dont notice any difference. i just did a post 🙂 hope everything is ok with your coding. what’s wrong?

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