Mei Mei Restaurant | Brookline, MA | Boston

we went to check out mei mei street kitchen ‘s first brick & mortar location last night.

there were some familiar items on menu such as double awesome and dumplings, but the dinner features more and different proteins in very elaborate forms while still keeping the same concepts with the truck.

left: spindrift soda: blackberry
right: woodsman’s refresher – rhody fresh whole milk with south face farm maple syrup

confit beef tongue – green sauce, red braised & charred leeks, pickled onions, nori
def my fave of the night. the beef tongue was tender, meaty.
December 22, 2013-IMG_7722

trotters & waffles – John Crow Farm pork, brioche waffle, Dijon whip, spicy sauce.
December 22, 2013-IMG_7701

we enjoyed this one a lot too.
December 22, 2013-IMG_7765

carrots & seeds – maple lapsang glaze, ricotta, sunflower seeds, cranberries, black sesame
December 22, 2013-IMG_7853

charred cabbage salad – black bean vinaigrette, apples, feta, garlic panko, slow-poached-then-fried egg
December 22, 2013-IMG_7778

December 22, 2013-IMG_7866

pork dumplings – soy broth, black garlic, fennel, tart apple jelly, almond
December 22, 2013-IMG_7877

probably the fanciest presentation of pork dumplings ive ever seen.
December 22, 2013-IMG_7885

braised beef dumplings – hand-rolled adams farm dumplings, served with sriracha rice.
December 22, 2013-IMG_7930

john crow farm rib & belly pork chop – served with housemade steam buns, miso cabbage, cranberry hosin, tart apply jelly, carrot pickles, pea shoots.
December 22, 2013-IMG_8008

December 22, 2013-IMG_8020


snow cream – shaved ice with maple & coffee syrup, chestnut puree, crushed peanuts
December 22, 2013-IMG_8053

fried steam buns – chipotle nutella, cranberry jam, cocoa nib brittle
December 22, 2013-IMG_8074

some creative things at mei mei restaurant:
left: logo made of names of the ppl that donated to their kickstarter
right: chopsticks holder made of wine bottles
bottom: floor made of pennies.

food was creative and tasty, but the very best part about mei mei team is their OUTSTANDING & FRIENDLY service. i was always impressed by how good their service is when i visited their truck; they never fail to put a smile on my face. no doubt that the service at mei mei restaurant remains exceptional. a pleasant experience is guaranteed every time. i really wish they served alcohol, otherwise this couldve been a really nice hang out spot!

best of the luck to the Mei, Irene, and Andy!

December 22, 2013-December 22, 2013-IMG_8095-1

Mei Mei Restaurant
Category: Asian Fusion
506 Park Dr
(between Buswell St & Beacon St)
Boston, MA 02215
(857) 250-4959

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3 thoughts on “Mei Mei Restaurant | Brookline, MA | Boston

  1. This post makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Mei Mei is one of my favorite eateries in the entire city! The food is consistently creative and delicious, the prices offer great value, and the service couldn’t be friendlier. No matter how rotten a day I might be having, I’m always in a good mood once I visit their truck. I can’t wait to try the brick-and-mortar!

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