Guisados | Los Angeles, CA | Boyle Heights

there’s one thing that the east coast is def lacking and i absolutely love is tacos. nothing can compare to the tacos on the west coast, although Taqueria Jalisco in east boston is a close match.

i have to make sure i OD on tacos whenever im in cali, so last trip to cali was no exception. we heard a lot about guisados so we went to check it out and it BLEW MY MIND.



if you have a hard time choosing what you want or just want to explore a variety of the tacos, they offer a sampler of six mini tacos.

before stuffing your face with their amazing tacos, be sure to have a drink in hand. my totally fave drink was this melon drink. it taste like straight up cantaloupe in a cup.
the drink on the right was armando palmero which was the combination of limon (lemon, lime) + jamaica (hibiscus tea)

guisados means ‘stews’ in spanish, so the tacos are not your typical tacos but rather in stew form. the juicy braised meat with its sauces def hold a lot MORE flavors and all served with different condiment and a hearty thick housemade tortilla. every single bite was a party in my mouth.

Chicharron – pork rinds

Cochinita Pibil – slow-roasted pork

steak picado – i believe this was my fave one.

i liked so much i got a full size one

Mole Poblano – chicken


bistek en salsa roja


i loved every single bite i had at guisados. every taco and drink was perfect and without a doubt scrumptious. fireworks in my mouth. if you love tacos and visiting LA, this joint is a must.


Category: Mexican
2100 E Cesar Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Neighborhood: Boyle Heights
(323) 264-7201

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8 thoughts on “Guisados | Los Angeles, CA | Boyle Heights

  1. I recognized the guisado of “tinga de pollo”. Am I right? Now I know that jamaica in english language is hibiscus, so thanks. The tacos look tasty.
    Kind greetings,

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