2013 Favorites

doing a year end list has been a tradition for me. i wrote a total of 142 new posts in 2013. ive eaten so much in 2013 and gained a lot lbs that i am the heaviest right now that I have ever been. we also started doing this thing called ‘restaurant hopping’ whenever we are traveling and eating 3-4 meals per lunch or dinner so we can try the maximum amount of food. i uploaded about 36 pages of photos to my flickr in 2013. i was browsing through my flickr to pick out my favorites of year, but there weren’t many dishes i ate that i absolutely loved and memorable. even harder to find my boston favorites.

i am a picky eater for sure. a lot of my reviews have been very negative, but the more food industry people i know, the less critical i can be. how can i hate when i get free meals and they try hard to please us; i ll have to be heartless. i understand the restaurant business is a very tough business; most people works very very hard day and night to serve their customers. i even got a taste of this when i was doing my macaron business. now, when i have a very bad meal, i do take into consideration that so much hard work went into that meal so i should be more forgiving. BUT as a customer, i really have no sympathy. i work hard for my money too and i believe i deserve to be satisfied especially when i spend a lot money on my food. if you cant make good fresh food everytime, maybe you should just do something else with your life instead. i dont get many 2nd chances in life so why should i give not to mention there are opportunity costs?

anyways, thanks so much for supporting my blog and leaving me comments. i really appreciate all comments but im just very bad at replying. sorry!

here are some of my favorite food moments in 2013:

Pappardelle With Wild Boar- black trumpet, juniper and aged parmigiano

T.W. Food

BUDINO dark chocolate custard, candied hazelnuts, sea salt, olive oil

spicy chicken from Garlic ‘n Lemons

kungfu tea – not sure if they put crack, but we come here at least once per week.

Wood Grilled Filet Mignon with Soft Whipped Potatoes, Horseradish Onion Cream Meritage Syrup

grapefruit beer and their pretzel with mustard (not pictured).

selfie with a pig at WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey | Rialto

1st time serving food and made tips at Fine Dining at Home with Private/Personal Chef Event

never knew cooked salmon could taste good til i had this at Gaslight Brasserie Du Coin

i come to douzo for lunch at least once a week and i get this toasted pork udon most the time.

sin burger from the blue ox by matt o’neil from 2nd Annual BATTLE OF THE BURGER 2013– usda prime beef burger, applewood smoked bacon, truffle aioli, tomato, lettuce, brioche bun

korean bbq at Kogiya | Annandale, VA

beef potato at Fu Run | Flushing, NY

also their lamb

pork 3 way @ craigie on main

sushi @ Tsukiji Fish Market | Sushi Zanmai| Tokyo, Japan

soy milk taiyaki @ Tokyo, Japan

horse sashimi basashi @ tokyo, japan

huge clams at new golden gate

truffle egg toast + semolina bread, shishito peppers, lally egg

mushroom pizza from A4 Pizza Bar | Somerville, MA

meng mao | Los Angeles, CA

tsukemen @ Tsujita Annex | Los Angeles, CA

snow ice | Los Angeles, CA

dungeness crab | redondo beach pier | Los Angeles, CA

santa barbara uni @ santa barbara, CA

i got a citiz nespresso and been using it every single day. im addicted to it.

my dad made me coffee with his fancy toy | beijing, china

tacos | Guisados | Los Angeles, CA

yakiniku | Manpuku Tokyo BBQ| Los Angeles, CA

spicy frog | beijing, china

a mezcal drink that the owner of la cueva del chango from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico made for me and mezcal has become my fave drink ever since.

Mango pomelo sago | Phoenix bakery Los Angeles, CA

looking back, most of the dishes i picked out are very simple dishes like a piece of seared salmon or the beef and potato stew, some were even uncooked/raw. quality ingredients is the key, but all of these dishes were surprisingly well executed and def demonstrated integrity and craftsman’s unique skills. my stomach is not hard to please after all. just do it right even it’s something very simple.

happy new year everyone! cant wait to see what 2014 will feed us! :))



13 thoughts on “2013 Favorites

  1. Keep writing, be critical and eat smaller portions (easier said than done, I know, but you don’t have to clean your plate. That’s what I’m learned. Also that alcohol adds calories.

    Love your blog.

  2. these look incredible! don’t feel bad about weight gain when you’re doing something you love so much, and your criticism is what keeps us readers coming back 🙂

  3. Many years ago when I ate out (can’t afford it now on a frugal pension), I would expect value for money. I would expect good flavour and hot (where appropriate).

    Restaurants are a service industry and why pay for food if it’s not good. Other industries don’t keep employees who don’t pull their weight and do their job properly, so why should you pay for food which is lousy and poorly cooked in a restaurant.

    Service & timing are imperative too. The best meal I ever had was some 40 years ago and the waiter was there by my side at just the right time after each course – not too early when you’d just finished one course and not so late that you were looking around in frustration & hunger.

    I can understand you putting on a pound of two – I would too (if I ate out so often).

    Thanks for sharing all these reviews and restaurants – it was very interesting.

  4. Happy New Year! Love all your posts! I definitely miss Gaslight back in Boston. I first tried it during Restaurant Week. They had a really good menu for that week. Looking forward to seeing more posts! 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t mind to gain weight with the pappardelle, the spicy chicken from Garlic ‘n Lemons, the wood grilled filet mignon, the huge clams, the truffle egg toast, the mushroom pizza, and the dungeness crab. Everything looks SO delicious! Now, I want to eat.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you for always posting such great and beautiful posts! I need to bookmark all the restaurants you’ve been to so one day I can try some of them–you seem to always find these tiny hidden gems in Boston!

  7. I’m glad Meritage made the list! This year as a special treat for my boyfriend’s birthday we went there and the food was excellent. I’ve enjoyed your blog this year and look forward to following it in 2014!

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