Bronwyn | Somerville, MA Boston

last friday bronwyn posted a pic of their Bronburger on facebook, i knew what we were gonna have for dinner right away.

January 09, 2014-DSCF9293

the bronburger is only available at the bar, so we sat there

the Giant Haus Bretzel with horseradish mustard is my absolutely fave thing at bronwyn. i LOVE the mustard, strong, just cant get enough of it.
January 09, 2014-DSCF9268

bier is a must
January 09, 2014-DSCF9275

Schöfferhofer, Grapefruit Hefeweizen, Munich
and Auchentoschan 18 year
January 09, 2014-DSCF9303

our bartender was super friendly and helpful
January 09, 2014-DSCF9287

Bronburger – made with 80% Local Massachusetts Grass Fed Beef and 20% Wagyu Brisket. Small rendered pieces of housemade bacon are dotted throughout the patty, which is topped with melted comté cheese, honey mustard and a slaw of sauerkraut, pickles and raw cabbage. The burger is sandwiched in an oat-honey challah roll. Gruner sauce (German 7-herb mayonnaise) is served on the side, along with German potato salad, piled high with shoestring onion rings tossed in paprika and bacon bits.

the burger was decent, but wasnt mind-blowing as i anticipated.
January 10, 2014-IMG_8612

6 sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut, house mustard
. Kielbasa smoked pork, garlic, coriander
. Lemon Weisswurst veal, pork, parsley
. Spicy Bierwurst pork, paprika, cayenne
. Cotechino pig skin, cinnamon, nutmeg
. Zungenblutwurst blood, tongue, pork
. Thüringer Bratwurst veal, pork, egg
January 10, 2014-IMG_8625

January 10, 2014-IMG_8654

note on the photos:
ive been testing out my new fuji x100s, i couldnt get sharp pix using the biggest aperture and high iso at low light settings with this camera, so i have to shoot at a relatively smaller aperture and lower iso. in order to do that, i need use longer shutter speed, but its impossible to take a non shaky pic anything beyond 1/20 seconds. i bought a table tripod a while back. i planned to bring it to restaurants, but it never happened. my camera is big enough as it is, with the tripod, it might jus occupy the entire table. now that i have a smaller camera, i could totally start using it. so this time, i bought my table tripod to bronwyn so i can test it out.


here’s a pic i took at f4, 1/6 sec, and iso 1600, and the result is a much much sharper pic. i might starting carrying this little tool around more often from now on. what do you think?
January 09, 2014-DSCF9307

im having a tough week at work, cant wait for the long weekend.

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