last week, we attended a charity party hosted by the good ones boston, ‘a social-matchmaking company that brings people together based on shared interests’, at a private loft in the leather district. it was a special celebration for some folks in food, film, and fashion and some of the proceeds were donated to raising awareness for Vitamin Angels. most of the food and drinks sponsors are local brands.

there was a live cook-off between two Top Chef contestants
February 24, 2014-IMG_0643


chef Brendan Andrew Burke, Former Sous Chef at Red Lantern Boston
February 24, 2014-IMG_0699

February 24, 2014-IMG_1171

chef Juan Pedrosa from The Glenville Stops ev6


February 24, 2014-IMG_0849



veggies from siena farms
February 24, 2014-IMG_0679


February 24, 2014-IMG_0683

February 24, 2014-IMG_0649

February 24, 2014-IMG_0671

February 24, 2014-IMG_0674

island creek oysters

oyster shooters
February 24, 2014-IMG_0945

February 24, 2014-IMG_0969

February 24, 2014-IMG_1094

mozzarella cheese from mozzarella house
February 24, 2014-IMG_1253

February 24, 2014-IMG_1328

February 24, 2014-IMG_1101

PRIVATEER RUMsexy winesdeep eddy vodkanarragansettev16

February 24, 2014-IMG_1169

sparkling matcha tea
February 24, 2014-IMG_0778

February 24, 2014-IMG_0739

popcorns by corn & co. these popcorns were SO BOMB!!!!!!!!! they have so many different and unique flavors. i had the salty caramel ones and totally hooked. they have a store in burlington mall and about to buy more tomorrow.
February 24, 2014-IMG_0828

super good, totally rocked my world.
February 24, 2014-DSCF9944

February 24, 2014-IMG_1370

Taza Chocolate | stone ground chocolate
February 24, 2014-DSCF9932

caricatures by mark penta

February 24, 2014-IMG_0868

pork belly and i in the middle

he was drawing pork belly
February 24, 2014-IMG_1029

the dress code was: red, white, grey

February 24, 2014-IMG_1397

February 24, 2014-IMG_1339

February 24, 2014-IMG_1119

February 24, 2014-IMG_0931

February 24, 2014-IMG_0917

February 24, 2014-IMG_0836

it was a fun night and i am hooked on the popcorns =D


One thought on “The Good Ones | SOUS-CHEF SHOWDOWN | TOP SECRET TOP CHEF | Boston, MA

  1. What a fabulous post! Your up-close photos put me front and center into the action. I’ve never heard of the leather district, but we’re planning a trip for the Boston Marathon. May check the map and take a look. If you have a couple of fave restaurants that aren’t five-star places, let me know. It should be a zoo just finding anything that’s not packed!

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