Ken’s Ramen | Providence, RI

you guys sick of me posting about ramen yet? so many exciting ramen news recently if you follow my facebook page. im really not that crazy about ramen as it seems. its jus all the sudden everyone wants to a ramen shop.

anyways, last weekend i wanted to drive to burlington to get some popcorns due to my addiction, somehow pork belly drove me all the way to providence rhode island to try ken’s ramen which recently opened up (2/3 weeks?).
February 28, 2014-DSCF0035

March 01, 2014-IMG_1820

place was packed, we had to wait for about 30 mins. cash only! make sure you have cash
March 01, 2014-IMG_1441

March 01, 2014-IMG_1454

March 01, 2014-IMG_1460

March 01, 2014-IMG_1466

March 01, 2014-IMG_1475

March 01, 2014-IMG_1498

March 01, 2014-IMG_1531

March 01, 2014-IMG_1540

yamazaki 12yr whiskey


they were still in their soft opening period and it was a set menu with a choice of appetizer + choice of ramen.

yaki-buta bun – soy braised pork belly with ken’s spread sauce.
the flavor of the pork belly was on point although i wish the lean meat was more tender.
March 01, 2014-IMG_1656

shio tori don – pulled chicken, micro sprouts, ken’s unagi sauce, rice
March 01, 2014-IMG_1636

ken’s paitan ramen – ken’s whole chicken broth paired with custom thin white ramen noodles, pulled chicken kikurage mushrooms, menma, nori, scallions
March 01, 2014-IMG_1737

the broth tasted thick, i believe it’s from the flour of the ramen. flavor wise it tasted decent, but didnt wow.
i have to give some credits to their noodles which were al dente, just how i like it.
March 01, 2014-IMG_1760

March 01, 2014-IMG_1779

ken’s chili oil
March 01, 2014-IMG_1795

ken’s tan tan mazemen with cha shu pork, micro sprouts, menma, nori scallions. i ordered an egg, kikurage mushrooms, and ken’s chili oil as extras.
March 01, 2014-IMG_1755

March 01, 2014-IMG_1725

March 01, 2014-IMG_1716

the noodles were, once again, al dente
March 01, 2014-IMG_1767-2

the sesame sauce was given to me and meant to go with the mazemen.
March 01, 2014-IMG_1602

i truly regret mixing the sesame sauce in. if you ever had chinese cold sesame noodles, thats what exactly it tasted like, and sweeter. the sauce was just too overpowering and i didnt appreciate the sweetness and a bit of sourness hiding behind it.
March 01, 2014-IMG_1810

food aside, i felt ken’s ramen was lacking originality and the room full of supreme stickers didnt help either. i noticed they have some similarity with totto ramen in new york: logo fonts are similar, the way they cut the scallions are similar, and the appetizers had the same concept, and the chicken broth that totto is famous for.

they will also serve TSUKEMEN after the soft opening period and it looks very similar to tsujita‘s famous tsukemen from their website.

i did some research after i got back home and this article by eater confirmed my observations. they are indeed “a fusion of Totto ramen NYC x Tsujita LA x Ivan Ramen Tokyo x Ken’s Ramen” as it’s written in the article.

and im not a hypebeast, so probably wont come back til they find something that defines themselves.

March 01, 2014-IMG_1542

March 01, 2014-IMG_1492

Ken’s Ramen
51 Washington St
Providence, RI 02903
Phone number (401) 859-1998

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