Terramia Ristorante | North End Boston, MA

this was my 2nd time here. i thought the food was decent last time so i wanted to come here again, but food was rather disappointing this time.

March 12, 2014-IMG_3767

March 12, 2014-IMG_3785

birra moretti beer
March 12, 2014-IMG_3763

Antipasto Tradizionale
March 12, 2014-IMG_3813

March 12, 2014-IMG_3807

Raviolone Aperto
Open-face ravioli, scallops & shrimp, zucchini segments, lobster mascarpone reduction.

i had this last time and remembered it was good. this time the seafood didnt taste too fresh and a lot less scallops and shrimps than last time. the ravioli was stuck at the bottom of the plate.
March 12, 2014-IMG_3867

Cavatelli pasta, broccoli rabe pesto, chili flakes, pork sausage, torn burrata, confit panko.
March 12, 2014-IMG_3891

March 12, 2014-IMG_3912

Gnocchi con Agnello
House made potato dumplings, lamb roast tomato & pepper ragù, aromatic vegetables and herbs.

the gnocchi was rather mushy and the whole dish tasted like canned pasta.
March 12, 2014-IMG_3876-2

March 12, 2014-IMG_3924

not sure what happened, food was pretty disappointing. i dont think i’d be back again.

Terramia Ristorante
98 Salem St
Boston, MA 02113
Phone number (617) 523-3112

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2 thoughts on “Terramia Ristorante | North End Boston, MA

  1. Yikes sounds like a bad experience ! If you havent already , try Beneventos for flatbread pizzas and salads or pasta at cafe florentine ! i also really like monicas and i like fiore for the lobster pasta dish !

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