“Chef’s Whim” Tasting Menu | Craigie On Main | Boston, MA

ive been to craigie on main many times. this time we went to check out their “Chef’s Whim” Tasting Menu, which supposed to be an inventive and spontaneous meal by Chef Carl Dooley.

but it turned out to be… not so inventive. we opted the five course tasting, which turned out to be… four course.

Civilian – sombra mezcal, lime, date, sour orange, thai chili – my fave drink @ craigie

March 19, 2014-IMG_4156

goat pate
March 19, 2014-IMG_4203

March 19, 2014-IMG_4215

halibut w/oyster and mushrooms
March 19, 2014-IMG_4228

March 19, 2014-IMG_4242

pasta made from beets
March 19, 2014-IMG_4280

pork three ways – i loved this dish and the crispy pork skin and the melt in your mouth tenderness blew my mind; however, the pork belly didnt come with crispy skin this time. very very disappointed.
March 19, 2014-IMG_4338

March 19, 2014-IMG_4362

March 19, 2014-IMG_4397

we ordered Hardwood-Roasted Bone Marrow as an extra dish because my friend was craving it.
March 19, 2014-IMG_4414

March 19, 2014-IMG_4444-2

palate cleanser – sorbet
March 19, 2014-IMG_4461-2

March 19, 2014-IMG_4486-2

March 19, 2014-IMG_4508

March 19, 2014-IMG_4472

although these dishes are craigie’s signature dishes, i was expecting a more inventive and spontaneous or even adventurous meal as described for the chef’s whim tasting menu. the 5-course meal was indeed a 4 course meal. (unless they are counting the palate cleanser as one course now. they used to be complimentary with the 3 course meal.) i was also disappointed by the pork 3 ways which i used to worship. although the food was still delicious for the most part, i dont recommend the chef’s whim tasting menu.

Craigie On Main
853 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone number (617) 497-5511

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