Bubble Tea | Tea Do | Chatime | Chinatown Boston, MA

there are two boba/bubble milk tea joints opened up in boston chinatown recently.

ive been to each one a few times now and here are my 2 cents.

tea do


March 20, 2014-DSCF0396

– spacious. it’s more like a cafe/tea house. you can actually hang out there. they have board games and cards for you to play.
– milk tea drinks taste like they are made with real tea instead of powder.
– takes level up (i forget my wallet all the time but never my phone) and credit cards
– also sells food such as takoyaki, onigiri (although i havent tried)

– limited selection of drinks
– the milk teas didnt taste as rich



March 28, 2014-DSCF0619

– a large selection of drinks
– you can customize your drink (ice/sugar level or different toppings)
– takes credit cards

– drinks are made from powder instead of real tea therefore taste very artificial.
– overly sweet. i always get 30% sugar which tastes like full sugar. ive never tried their full sugar; i cant imagine how sweet that would be
– limited seating, more like a take out joint
– can be a long wait. they are slow although they have 10 ppl working in the back.

in conclusion, both new boba joints are underwhelm in terms of drinks. although kung fu is easily better than both of tea do and chatime, tea do can be a nice hang out spot.

Tea Do
8 Tyler St
Boston, MA 02111
b/t Beach St & Kneeland St in Chinatown
Phone number (617) 988-8002

31 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02111
b/t Oxford Pl & Beach St in Chinatown
Phone number (617) 982-6928


One thought on “Bubble Tea | Tea Do | Chatime | Chinatown Boston, MA

  1. ooh.. thanks for posting this. i usually go to new dong khanh for fruit shakes with boba, or Infusions Tea in Allston for more traditional milk teas. i saw Tea Do while passing through chinatown but wasn’t sure if i should give them a try or not, glad i read your reviews!

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