Sushi Gen | Little Tokyo Los Angeles, CA

it’s finally saturday (1:20am), my cheat day of the week. what should i eat?!?! i am overwhelmed. yea how sad, im on a diet. i gained wayyyy too much weight last year that i can hardly look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgusted.

i know what exactly i would eat if i were still in college: dominos and wings. thats what me and sherry always ordered after midnight when our cravings kick in. we always blamed each other for letting each other order them afterwards and promised never to do it again, but one day later, we would do it again. the moment our delivery guy arrived was probably my happiest moment in college. im not even obsessed with fine food, rather, im obsessed with eating, the action. i can eat even the food tastes bad. i can eat when im already full. eating is therapeutic, comforting; it’s a cure for boredom or actually, just anything.

sadly i have to more selective of what i eat now because i cant take on that much calories anymore without gaining a lot weight. i have to make sure every calorie i put in my body is worth it.

at this moment, i am craving sushi. i just realized i havent had sushi since our japan trip last fall except this one time we went to sushi gen in LA. sushi is def one of my fave things to eat. i love fish and my love for rice is even greater. although i love sushi, the sushi in japan just tasted so different that i lost the desire to eat it here. even the most expensive sushi ive had in boston cant compare.


anyways, this was one of the restaurant hopping days in cali, i only wanted some uni with quail eggs from sushi gen, but i ended up ordering a few pieces more.


they dont have the quail eggs version on the menu, but you can ask for it if you desire. it was overrated as i remembered.

Kanikama – crab

hotate – scallop

sushi gen is one of the most well-known/popular sushi joint in LA, but i was def a little disappointed in the food as well as service although i only had a brief meal. the uni wasnt well cleaned, i tasted sand in my uni. the host was kinda rude to us, def not the typical friendly japanese service standard. although the overall food is def better than an average sushi restaurant, i wouldnt come back again. the price def doesnt justify the quality of the food and service.

ill be in nyc and dc next weekend and i made a reservation to eat at sushi yasuda so far. cant wait to eat sushi again.

Sushi Gen
422 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Little Tokyo, Downtown
Phone number (213) 617-0552

Sushi Gen on Urbanspoon

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