M3 | Somerville, MA Boston


we went to M3 for brunch yesterday. M3 is a southern meat joint in davis square – perfect for my cheat day.

April 12, 2014-IMG_6707

the fresh squeezed orange juice werent fresh at all. im sure it was squeezed because probably on squeezed OJ can taste like rotten oranges. they def used rotten oranges. i had two sips (2nd sip was to make sure) and handed to pork belly.

hog wings – with carolina bbq house ranch
we totally thought we ordered hot wings, so we were expecting spicy chicken wings.
when we started eating it:
me: this tastes like pork, not chicken, it looks nothing like chicken wings either
pork belly: no this is chicken, just not spicy, and it’s missing another bone.
me: bullshit. it’s def pork.
i waved at your waitress and she told us its hog wings.
April 12, 2014-IMG_6841-2

they were ok, the meat was a little dry in the middle, but was better than the rest of the stuff we ordered.

chicken & waffles – buttermilk fried chicken wings, toasted pecan waffle, apple butter syrup
April 12, 2014-IMG_7015-2

the chicken wings were super bland, over fried, and the meat tasted old. the waffle were more enjoyable especially it had pecan in it.

shrimp & grits – jack cheddar cheese, okra, jalapenos
April 12, 2014-IMG_7033

no idea why i ordered this. the flavor was very one dimensional: salty. i rarely not finish my dish even it’s not so enjoyable, but i failed to finish this one.
April 12, 2014-IMG_7060

i wanted to like this place because i love fried chicken, meat, and carbs. the interior was cool, couldve been a nice place get a few drinks and chomp on some wings, but unfortunately the food was really underwhelming. if you are looking for southern food, i’d recommend hungry mother in cambridge. anyways, my calories were wasted; i was very unsatisfied.
April 12, 2014-IMG_6716

April 12, 2014-IMG_7118

382 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02144
Davis Square
Phone number (617) 718-6666

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April 12, 2014-20140412_123921

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