Ruth’s Chris Steak House | Theater District Boston, MA

went to ruth’s chris steak house with a friend the other day. it was my 1st time cuz i am just not crazy about american steak houses especially its a chain.

i got the filet which supposed to be the most tender cut of all.
March 26, 2014-IMG_5079

very mediocre steak. wasnt tender at all. the outside was even dry and burned. lacked flavors.
March 26, 2014-IMG_5091

bread pudding
March 26, 2014-IMG_5110

ruth’s chris isnt cheap; i cant believe people actually pay a lot of money for these mediocre steaks. unbelieveable.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House
45 School St
Boston, MA 02108
b/t Province St & Chapman Pl in Downtown
Phone number (617) 742-8401

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17 thoughts on “Ruth’s Chris Steak House | Theater District Boston, MA

  1. This may the first time I have to disagree with you. I’ve been to Ruth’s Chris a couple of times and my steak was always unbelievably good. I never order filet though. It’s the most tender, but also least flavorful cut. I go for the bone in ribeye. The sides at Ruth’s Chris are mediocre as if maybe they are from a can, but the steaks are out of this world.

  2. I agree with you. I don’t get what’s the big fuss about this place. I went there for Restaurant Week 2 years ago and it was alright. I wouldn’t go back again because it definitely wasn’t worth it. I’d much rather go to Texas Road House instead haha.

  3. I hear you! I went to Ruth’s in California, the service was very poor, our server seemed to be uncaring and rude. trust me, me and my family are very easy eaters..we get sold if the service is good and food so-so. Well, I know now, we are not the only one who thinks alike.

  4. Thanks for your honest appraisal. I’ve never eaten at Ruth’s Chris Steak House even though we now have one in Knoxville. I may have to go just to see for myself. I’ll be in Boston for the marathon, but this restaurant is not in our price range for the weekend. May be eating street food just so we can sleep in an overpriced room for the nights we’re there!!!

    1. I think you asked my recommendation for restaurant, but I forgot to reply. So sorry. I would def go to Neptune if you are into seafood. And def get the johnnycake. Another restaurant I would suggest is Toro in south boston, it’s a Spanish tapa place. Best tapas I’ve had. These two restaurants really stand out in boston I believe. Have fun, be safe, and good luck!

    2. Oh btw these two restaurants are super busy and don’t take reservations. For Neptune i would write down my phone number and walk around (Quincy market) and wait for their call. For toro I would go during off peak hours or grab a drink or two at the bar.

  5. been to ruth’s chris once, in Times Square. Don’t eat steak but the salmon was delicious and service was excellent, as was ambiance. My mom said her steak was wonderful. very expensive, but worth it for a special night out, LMA

  6. It must have been disappointing experience since the commercials suggest otherwise. At least a steak at Applebee’s looks better than the one on your plate, and not as pricey.

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