New Wonjo Restaurant | Koreatown New York, NY

we planned to go to takashi that day. takashi is a japanese bbq joint in new york city, probably the best in the city and one of bourdain’s favorites. we tried to make a reservation but they only take reservations for party of 4 and up so they suggested walk-in. takashi closes at 12:00am on friday and we got there around 9:30pm. i saw an empty table from outside and no one was waiting in line as i was walking in, i got really excited for a lil bit. i asked for a table for two, but the host told us they might be all booked for the night. might be??!? my heart suddenly dropped. i was really looking forward to it!!!! although i was still full from my lunch #1, #2, #3 and desserts #1 and #2 that day, i was desperate for some bbq and beer!

the host asked for our name and phone number and told us he would call us in about an hour and let us know if there’s gonna be seats available. so we had to wait for an hour just to know if we were able to eat there or not. i normally wouldnt put up with this sht but i did that day; thats how bad i wanted that damn bbq.


normally, you leave your number with the host, leave, and wait for the call while grabbing a drink or two somewhere else. BUT if you really really really want the table, you need to stay there! this is called ‘guilt trip’. if we waited there for an hour right in front of him looking desperately, it would make him somewhat guilty assuming most ppl are kind. it would make it a lot harder for him to say no to us in person than on the phone, therefore, better chance of scoring a seat. so we stayed and got a few drinks to sip on as we waited. as we were waiting, for our entertainment, we watched this woman mouth fed her man piece by piece and made out after every piece of meat. the guy was in a business suit and i jus assumed they were having an affair. I thought about trading our hotel room for their table; he’s obviously too cheap to
Pay for one

an hour went by, the host came to us and told us he’s really sorry and they were really fully booked for the night. he felt really really sorry and the drinks were on him. although we didnt get a table, but i think my strategy worked for a bit. he did feel sorry and we got free drinks. not that i cared about the freee drinks, but i was jus happy that my strategy sorta worked lol

so if you want to eat at takashi and no reservation, be there before 9pm although they close at 12.

anyways, so i was totally bummed, but was still in mood for bbq. it was already almost 11pm, no where good were available anymore. we were staying at the hilton near midtown, so we decided to head back to k-town and get some korean bbq and call it a night.

we just picked a random bbq joint in k-town: new wonjo

April 18, 2014-IMG_7686

onion salad
April 18, 2014-IMG_7695

kimchi and anchovies
April 18, 2014-IMG_7705

April 18, 2014-IMG_7724

Premium Gal Bi 눈꽃갈비- Non-Marinated Premium Short Rib
we got some premium sht to make up for takashi, but dont be fooled by the name and how it looks. it was not nearly as tender.
April 18, 2014-IMG_7741

April 18, 2014-IMG_7752

O-Sam Bul Goki 오삼불고기 – Spicy Squid and Pork Belly
we liked the combination
April 18, 2014-IMG_7770

steamed eggs
April 18, 2014-IMG_7788

April 18, 2014-IMG_7796

April 18, 2014-IMG_7806

April 18, 2014-IMG_7834

April 18, 2014-IMG_7850

April 18, 2014-IMG_7868

April 18, 2014-IMG_7876

April 18, 2014-IMG_7843-2

we enjoyed the bbq at new wonjo although i was still disappointed. food was above average but i would totally avoid the premium meats if i ever come back, just not that good. stick with the basic meats. service was good, but keep an eye on the grill because our waitress burned most of our meat.

New Wonjo Restaurant
23 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001
b/t Broadway & 5th Ave in Midtown West, Koreatown
Phone number (212) 695-5815

New Wonjo Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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