Ippudo Ny | East Village New York, NY

went to ippudo when we were in new york and i needed it because of my hangover.

The secret of avoiding lines for restaurants like ippudo is to show up 25 mins before they open. You will definitely be guaranteed a seat. Usually 15 minutes before they open is when everybody starts to line up. If you dont make it to the 1st round of seating, you have will have to wait for the entire duration of their meal which can last at least 40 mins. if you come in the middle of the day, the wait could be as long as 2 hours or more. 25 minutes is the magic number, it works almost every time.

we got there 25 mins before they opened and we were the 1st one in line. the line was 70 ppl deep by the time they opened.

calpico soda


April 19, 2014-IMG_7951

April 19, 2014-IMG_7940

Hirata Buns
Steamed buns filled with pork, served with Ippudo’s original spicy buns sauce
these were good but def not my fave pork buns
April 19, 2014-IMG_7898

April 19, 2014-IMG_7902

April 19, 2014-IMG_7915

here’s a video of them assembling the buns

Kaisen Garlic
Tiger shrimp, cuttlefish, eringi mushroom, sauteed with a light garlic butter sauce. Served with finely cut potato fries.
April 19, 2014-IMG_7967

i really like the mushrooms, very buttery
April 19, 2014-IMG_7981

tokosuka tonkotsu ramen
silky tonkotsu soup noodles topped with a sweet yokosuka curry dama, pork shasu, crispy fried onion, fresh kale, and fragrant garlic oil with nitamago
April 19, 2014-IMG_8017

April 19, 2014-IMG_8034

April 19, 2014-IMG_8039

here is a video of me mixing the ramen

April 19, 2014-IMG_8074

Tori Ramen
Ippudo’s “Chintan” clear chicken, fish and pork noodle soup topped with pork loin chashu, memma, kaiware radish, naruto, shiso leaf, and daikon radish & daikon
April 19, 2014-IMG_8042

April 19, 2014-IMG_8056-2

April 19, 2014-IMG_8081

April 19, 2014-IMG_7934

its unnecessary for me to tell you the food is good, ippudo is famous worldwide. The service is very good as well. it’s worth a visit if the wait is less than 30 mins.
April 19, 2014-IMG_7993

Ippudo Ny
65 4th Ave
New York, NY 10003
b/t 9th St & 10th St in East Village
Phone number (212) 388-0088
Ippudo on Urbanspoon


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