Hi-Collar – ハイカラ | East Village New York, NY

April 18, 2014-IMG_7315

i stumbled upon Hi-Collar – ハイカラ when we were waiting to eat at Momofuku noodle bar in east village.

it’s a small but cozy and charming 11-seater japanese kissaten located in east village. there are no tables, only bar seats. it’s a coffee shop but light breakfast, lunch, and desserts are served as well. the kissaten also turns into a sake bar at night and they have an extensive selection of sake.

they make the food right in front you.

April 18, 2014-IMG_7330

April 18, 2014-IMG_7328

i was in mood for coffee especially they offer three brewing methods: pour over, areopress, and siphon. i always enjoy watching coffee being brewed.

at hi-collar, 1st, choose how you want your coffee brewed, then choose the coffee beans. they have a variety of coffee to choose from.

i chose siphon and some coffee beans from Colombia

April 18, 2014-IMG_7338

April 18, 2014-IMG_7375

April 18, 2014-IMG_7391

this particular coffee had a more acidic/citrussy note which im not a big fan of. i prefer coffee with more of a smoky, caramel, roasted, or cereal like aromas.
April 18, 2014-IMG_7401

April 18, 2014-IMG_7430

April 18, 2014-IMG_7334

we also got a chocolate parfait which comes with chocolate and vanilla gelato from Ciao Bella, coffee jelly cubes, and crunchy homemade granola.


the ceramics are beautiful. it’s more about the experience than the flavor. i def enjoyed my experience at hi-collar.
April 18, 2014-IMG_7437

April 18, 2014-IMG_7321

214 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003
b/t 1st Ave & 2nd Ave in East Village
Phone number (212) 777-7018


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