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May 04, 2014-IMG_8414

went to check out la brasa last night after a long hard day of doing nothing at sowa.

la brasa

la brasa is a newly opened restaurant in somerville. an alum of l’espalier and sel de la terre, Chef Daniel Bojorquez’s new venture was one of the most anticipated openings of the year. featuring a wood fire grill, la brasa’s concept is ‘wood-burning grilling everything’. Bojorquez wont stick to one specific cuisine, rather, he will incorporate a taste of mexican, peruvian, middle eastern, french and more into cooking with live wood fire.

May 04, 2014-IMG_8653

la brasa took more than 2 years to open; the space is absolutely beautiful, clean, bright, inviting, and spacious.

May 04, 2014-IMG_8672

May 04, 2014-IMG_8431

May 04, 2014-IMG_8446

May 04, 2014-IMG_8460

May 04, 2014-IMG_8464

xingu black – tasted like beer flavored soda. i liked it a lot
May 04, 2014-IMG_8467

speaking in tongues – strawberry infused crema de mezcal, luxardo amaro abano, citrus, bitters.
if mezcal’s on the menu, im def getting it. the mezcal was on the lighter note which makes it more pleasant to drink.

May 04, 2014-IMG_8481

bantam cider
May 04, 2014-IMG_8489

May 04, 2014-IMG_8500

May 04, 2014-IMG_8506

carved beef w/ chimichurri- prime rib in cilantro sauce – the meat was flavorful and the sauce was refreshing.
May 04, 2014-IMG_8515-2

Tiradito with Uni vinaigrette, shaved fennel and black garlic mustard
May 04, 2014-IMG_8577-2

May 04, 2014-IMG_8619

Swiss Chard Pie with colorado chile, coddled farm fresh egg, spanish ham and piperade
May 04, 2014-IMG_8556

i really liked this dish.
May 04, 2014-IMG_8568

zatar roasted lamb saddle with curry cous cous, apricots and mint
May 04, 2014-IMG_8534

crispy skin, the cut was flavorful and had a nice chew to the bite.
May 04, 2014-IMG_8550

i hate carrots, but my friends all enjoyed it.
May 04, 2014-IMG_8589

pescado zarandeado- grilled red snapper rubbed with gaujillo
May 04, 2014-IMG_8628

my fave dish of the night. tender and flavorful with crispy skin on the outside. the contrast and flavors were divine.
May 04, 2014-IMG_8646

the food was excellent: incredibly fresh and great choices of ingredients, unique, creative and pleasant flavors, precise executions, oh and beautiful ceramics. we enjoyed everything we had. drinks were unique and delicious. yay for mezcal!! in fact, the entire drink menu (see below pictures) looks soo good i wanted to try everything. the operation was smooth especially for a restaurant’s only been opened for a few days. our waiter was extremely friendly, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. la brasa might be the best one we’ve tried in boston this year. yes, even better than alden and harlow.

please dont get too popular too soon so we can still manage to get seats!!
May 04, 2014-IMG_8425-2

La Brasa

124 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02145
Phone number (617) 764-1412

La Brasa on Urbanspoon

here’s the menu of la brasa

the drink menu of la brasa


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