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i always claim that im no expert on anything i write about. ok maybe i lied. if there’s one thing i could claim to be an expert, it’s dumplings. dumplings are probably in my blood, in my genes, it’s where im from. dumplings are one of the major food eaten in northern china (Beijing) and ive had more dumplings (various types) than ive had anything else in my life. making dumplings is the activity during family gatherings; my grandma and my mom make a lot dumplings so we always have some at home.



moyzilla is a relatively new food truck in the boston food truck scene. they serve dumplings, the one thing i would like to think im an expert on.

one order comes with 4 dumplings. 1st of all, my grandma probably would slap me if she knew i just paid FIVE dollars on 4 dumplings because dumplings are dirt cheap in china. 2nd of all, no one just eats 4 dumplings for a meal. i eat about 30 dumplings for a meal minimum. at moyzilla, you can order the dumplings by themselves or with rice or noodles which drives my crazy. no one eats dumplings with rice or noodles. dumplings are considered carbs, you just dont eat carbs with carbs. do people eat ravioli with pasta? exactly.
May 06, 2014-IMG_2776

the classic – pork and napa cabbage w/ sesame, ginger, soy
May 06, 2014-IMG_2781

buffalo chicken – filled w/celery, topped w/ranch
May 06, 2014-IMG_2782


i have no problem with them getting creative on the dumpling fillings. i can enjoy fusion food as long as it’s well made and delicious but moyzilla wasnt the case:

1. they really emphasize on ‘HAND folded dumpling’. i dont get it, if you dont use your hands to fold dumplings, what do you use? your feet? so what’s so special about hand folded dumplings? it’s as ridiculous as promoting hand cooked meal or hand made sushi.

2. if there’s one thing that could make the dumplings super special, it would be handmade dumpling wraps. unfortunately, moyzilla’s wraps are bought from the store, not handmade. handmade wraps are just as important as handmade noodles. they have the unique chewy al dente texture that no machine can achieve. i love handmade dumplings skin so much that i’d only eat the skin without the fillings sometimes. the skin of the dumpling is what makes good dumplings just like how the rice of sushi is what makes good sushi. if you specialize in dumplings, shouldnt you get the soul of dumplings right rather than cheat and buy them premade wraps from the store?

Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, but they all share similarities when it comes down to the basics or principles.

3. the fillings were dry, not juicy at all. the meat was very processed.

4. im not sure what kind of oil they use to fry the dumplings, but it’s the same cheap kind they use at food court teriyaki places. the oil they use leaves a really bad after taste in my mouth and makes me feel nauseous. the smell was really strong and it stank so i had to empty my trash can.

that being said, the dumplings from moyzilla didnt necessarily taste bad, but they were def not well made dumplings. i wish they could grasp the foundation on making a solid dumpling first then take a spin on it afterwards. i really just appreciate simple, honest, well made food, but it’s so hard to find these days.


one positive note: the folks at moyzilla are pretty nice and friendly. sorry for being critical; i take dumplings personal.

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3 thoughts on “Moyzilla | Food Truck | Boston, MA

  1. As a dumpling and food truck enthusiast, this is disappointing! I am all for fusion too, but buffalo chicken dumplings with ranch? That does not sound appealing.

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