Strip T’s | Watertown, MA Boston

May 09, 2014-IMG_9060-2

i had always wanted to check out strip t’s cuz i heard they have really good fried chicken. i love fried chicken! i wanted to go even more after a great meal at ribelle which cheffed by tim maslow, same chef as Strip T’s.


their menu changes often
May 09, 2014-IMG_9065-2

May 09, 2014-IMG_9083-2

razor clams – fennel, shawn green almond
make sure you take out the sandbags.
May 09, 2014-IMG_9136

grilled romaine – oxtail, poached egg, chili vin.
May 09, 2014-IMG_9180

i loved this dish. the romaine was beautifully charred which gave that nice smokey flavor. the oxtail was tender and flavorful and the poached eggs added so much depth to it. overall it was rich but refreshing, very well balanced.
May 09, 2014-IMG_9188

May 09, 2014-IMG_9208

fried chicken – crushed potato, brussels kraut, splintered maple
May 09, 2014-IMG_9220

this was a beautiful piece of fried chicken. if i say i like kfc better than popeyes you guys probably not gonna take me seriously from now on, but i cant lie: kfc original recipe is my jam. the skin jus has so much flavors to it than popeyes crispy chicken skin. plus, i love potato wedges!
anyways, the fried chicken at Strip T’s had the same character as a kfc chicken: not so crispy but super flavorful skin, jus the way i like it. not to mention the meat was super tender and moist. daymn im hungry now.
May 09, 2014-IMG_9224

May 09, 2014-IMG_9237

May 09, 2014-IMG_9288

scallops – chickpeas, green monster garlic, pea greens
this was ok. i didnt find scallops paired well with the ‘hummus’. the hummus was overpowering and salty to eat without any carbs.
May 09, 2014-IMG_9249

May 09, 2014-IMG_9270

japanese sweet potato wedges – this particular sweet potato was starchy and not as sweet as a regular sweet potato which i prefer.
May 09, 2014-IMG_9316

ice cream sundae – caramelized, popcorns, toffee, nuts. this was so bomb, i loved every drop of it. the toffee and nuts added textures and flavors to the silky soft rich ice cream. i wish i could eat this everydayyyy.
strip ts

although getting to watertown from malden is such a pain, i think i would return soon for more fried chicken and ice cream.

also, i made a raspberry dark chocolate matcha cake for pork belly’s bday 🙂 i am in so much pain right now cuz i had 3 mezcal drinks with 1 wine and 2 beers last night which totally fucked me up this morning. medicine didnt even work for me. the worst hangover ive ever experienced. drinking 101: never mix your drinks kids!
birthday cake

Strip T’s
93 School St
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone number (617) 923-4330

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