Ivan Ramen | Lower East Side New York, NY

Hi all this is PorkBelly, this is my first post on the blog!

I was on a business Trip in NYC (Bunny was back in Boston 😦 it’s a busy month for her ) so I was super stoked to try the newly opened Ivan Ramen in the Lower East Side, especially since I’m a HUGE fan of Ivan, and love his book.  I met up with a friend that used to live in the Boston area. Traveling to NYC for work is great, there are no lines during the weekday, the atmosphere is completely different compared to the weekend.  With that being said, there was no line for Ivan Ramen on Thursday evening, and I was seated immediately upon arrival.

The restaurant is a quick 10min walk from the train stop

May 29, 2014-IMG_5669 May 29, 2014-IMG_5674

May 29, 2014-IMG_5676

I opted to sit at the bar since I like to be a bit closer to the action.

May 29, 2014-IMG_5576

May 29, 2014-IMG_5572

May 29, 2014-IMG_5581

The Bar is next to the bathroom, it seemed like there was always someone using it since there was at least one person outside of it at all times….

The menu is nice and simple

May 29, 2014-IMG_5582 May 29, 2014-IMG_5549

I ordered a few appetizers…

Braised Ox Tongue
beef broth, hot mustard

I’m a fan of Beef tongue in general and the hot mustard gives it a nice kick. I believe the marinade was Ponzu sauce, the spicy mustard was a great contrast to the tangy ponzu sauce flavor. The meat was nice and tender.

May 29, 2014-IMG_5596

double dredged chicken hearts + livers, ponzu honey mustard

My buddy is a fan of fried foods, so I gave this a shot. I’m a big fan of Chicken Hearts, and other unpopular parts of the chicken. The ponzu honey mustard gives it a nice sweet flavor, and the double fry gives it a super crispy skin.

May 29, 2014-IMG_5608

Lancaster Okonomiyaki
scrapple waffle, charred cabbage, pickled apple, maple kewpie

An interesting re-imagining of Okonomiyaki unlike the one we had at Gaja It was a bit strange to me, the waffle is made out of scrapple, and has some sweet notes such as the apple bits. It was good, but not something I would want over traditional Okonomiyaki

May 29, 2014-IMG_5636

1000 Year Old Deviled Egg
hen egg + preserved duck egg, tomato, bonito

I really enjoyed this. I could eat a million of these…..

May 29, 2014-IMG_5603-2

Triple Pork Triple Garlic Mazemen
tonkotsu broth, pork chashu, whole wheat noodle

My friend ordered this, it was big salty for my taste, the noodles are excellent.

May 29, 2014-IMG_5621-3

May 29, 2014-IMG_5628

Spicy Red Chili Ramen
dashi + chicken broth, minced pork, smashed egg, rye noodle +
Fully Loaded:
egg, pork chashu, roast tomato

The spicyness gives it a really nice flavor kick without overpowering the dish. The eggs are perfect, not too soft not too hard, and the noodles were spot on. I wish the dish was hotter, temperature-wise. I went with the fully loaded option for this dish.

May 29, 2014-IMG_5640

May 29, 2014-IMG_5650

They give a cool postcard with the receipt

May 29, 2014-IMG_5658

The restaurant is spacious with lots of JDM styled pop-art

May 29, 2014-IMG_5662
May 29, 2014-IMG_5557
May 29, 2014-IMG_5563

Your typical assortment of JDM beers and Sake

May 29, 2014-IMG_5586

There is even an outdoor seating area

May 29, 2014-IMG_5589 May 29, 2014-IMG_5561

JDM Batman, and JDM Startrek

May 29, 2014-IMG_5665

Overall Ivan Ramen is very good, the portions are small and very very expensive. A bowl of Ramen is $15 and fully loaded is $5 extra. I wish my soup was hotter, it was a bit lukewarm to me. The eggs in the Ramen are perfect, I haven’t been to another Ramen joint that have perfected the egg like this place. If I were to just get Ramen here, I would probably need to eat a 2nd dinner else where.

25 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002
b/t Avenue B & Houston St in Lower East Side
Phone number (646) 678-3859

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