Red Pepper | Framingham, MA Boston

June 01, 2014-IMG_2280

i was craving sichuan food and ive always heard good things about red pepper in framingham so we decided to take a long drive to framingham.

June 01, 2014-IMG_2295 June 01, 2014-IMG_2305

重庆凉面 cold noodles in chili, sour and sweet sauce
June 01, 2014-IMG_2315

夫妻肺片 sliced beef and tendon with chili sauce – this was the best dish out of all. flavors were on point.
June 01, 2014-IMG_2336

干锅田鸡 dry braised frog with spicy sauce in hot pot – not as spicy, flavorful, fragrant as i wished. the frog was ok.
June 01, 2014-IMG_2359

June 01, 2014-IMG_2381

麻婆豆腐 mapo tofu with minced pork in sichuan spicy sauce
probably the worst mapo tofu ive had in restaurants. not spicy and ‘numbing’ at all and the pork was full of fat.
June 01, 2014-IMG_2433

沸腾鱼 sliced fresh fish with bone in spicy sauce
i appreciate that they use whole fish instead fish filets most restaurants use; however, the fish was not fresh and tasted like dirt. 土腥味儿. we love fish, but we barely touched this.
June 01, 2014-IMG_2454

June 01, 2014-IMG_2477

maybe my expectations were too high, but the food at red pepper was def underwhelming. none of the dishes were as spicy and fragrant as we wished and the quality of the ingredients were not so good. i dont think i would return especially its so far away.

June 01, 2014-IMG_2274

Red Pepper
17 Edgell Rd
Framingham, MA 01701
Phone number (508) 620-9998


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