Wow Barbecue Restaurant | Brick and Mortar | Malden, MA Boston

May 24, 2014-DSCF1285

the wow barbecue is a food truck sells chinese barbecued lamb skewers 羊肉串儿 along with other meats and veggies. they just recently expanded to malden and opened a brick & mortar.

May 24, 2014-DSCF1287

we ordered some lamb skewers, chicken wings, and sausages. for the lamb skewers, flavors were decent, but there were too many fat pieces on each skewer.
May 24, 2014-DSCF1319

they have some basic appetizers on the menu.
May 24, 2014-DSCF1326

we also ordered the 麻辣香锅 mala pot. not only it wasnt nearly as spicy, numbing, and fragrant as we wished, all the veggies were really over cooked even the celery was soft as a noodle.
May 24, 2014-DSCF1331

Wow BBQ Restaurant could be a nice late night hangout spot since they open late til 1am on most days. although the food needs some more work and overpriced for what it is, with a few plasma TVs and some cold beers, wow barbecue restaurant is not a bad place to catch some sports games. the service couldve been more professional. i could tell our waitress doesnt have much restaurant working experience when she used one hand to dump our food in the takeout box and food got everywhere on the table. there was also a girl (not a fellow customer) came to our table and ask if she could take photos of our food. they couldve had made food for her to take photos of instead bothering the customers. i would wait to visit again before they work out their kinks.

May 24, 2014-DSCF1300

Wow Barbecue Restaurant
184 Salem St
Malden, MA 02148
Get Directions
Phone number (508) 826-3192


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