Mandarin Malden | Malden, MA Boston

June 07, 2014-IMG_2506

mandarin malden is a relatively new taiwanese restaurant in malden.

very clean looking restaurant
June 07, 2014-IMG_2509-2

June 07, 2014-IMG_2517 June 07, 2014-IMG_2537

June 07, 2014-IMG_2572

we got the fried pork chop with rice. the portion is HUGE, enough to feed a starving family. the pork chop was on the very greasy side.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2592

if we couldnt finish it, i doubt anyone can finish this.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2620

Taiwanese-style Salted Crispy Xian Su Chicken
June 07, 2014-IMG_2654

this wasnt crispy, didnt taste as it was freshly fried.

June 07, 2014-IMG_2665 June 07, 2014-IMG_2547

we also got the beef noodle soup.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2689

the meat was a little too tender/overcooked that it lost its texture.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2699

the noodles weren’t al dente, lacked chewiness and textures.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2726

June 07, 2014-IMG_2521

i liked how clean and bright this restaurant feels unlike most chinese restaurants. although the portions are huge, the food itself was only ok.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2515

Mandarin Malden
Taiwanese, Chinese
74 Pleasant St
Malden, MA 02148
Phone number (781) 324-1148

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