Late Night Ramen | Uni Sashimi Bar | Boston, MA Back Bay

May 31, 2014-IMG_1810

uni sashimi bar has been serving late night ramen from 11 pm on fridays and saturdays for a while now, but it took us a while to check it out.

May 31, 2014-IMG_1831

there was a wait for tables, so we grabbed seats at the bar.

May 31, 2014-IMG_1835

not sure if bartenders hate ppl eating food at the bar especially when we werent ordering alcohol, the bartender kept ignoring us so it took us a while to get his attention and ordered our food. i just wanted ramen and to go home and sleep.

hot dog – it tasted like bánh mì except with soggy roll and sausage
May 31, 2014-IMG_1846

pork bun – meh
May 31, 2014-IMG_1867

meh meh
May 31, 2014-IMG_1881

shishito peppers
May 31, 2014-IMG_1891

XO squid ramen
May 31, 2014-IMG_1907

May 31, 2014-IMG_1946

traditional ramen with pork
May 31, 2014-IMG_1928

both of the ramens were absolutely TERRIBLE. the broth was had no complexity, just a hot mess (well it was luke warm), let alone flavors. CRAZY salty, the most salty noodle dish ive ever had. the entire meal was disappointing. i left really unsatisfied and disgusted and i really wanted my calories back! ugh. i’d avoid their ramen at all costs.
May 31, 2014-IMG_1937

Uni Sashimi Bar
Sushi Bars, Japanese
370 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215
Back Bay
Phone number (617) 536-7200

Uni on Urbanspoon

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