2941 | Falls Church, VA Washington DC

Another pork belly post.  Every month I travel to NY and DC for work.  My parents live in the DC area, I took them out to 2941 for the summer tasting menu. 2941 is located in falls church, it’s easy to miss since it is tucked away in a very Virginia Office park.

The restaurant has great ambiance with nice high ceilings and large glass windows overlooking a lake

June 21, 2014-DSC_0047-3

June 21, 2014-DSC_0194

June 21, 2014-DSC_0180

June 21, 2014-DSC_0050-2

We went for the tasting menu
June 21, 2014-DSC_0067


June 21, 2014-DSC_0072-2

June 21, 2014-DSC_0077

June 21, 2014-DSC_0088

Summer Truffle & Cauliflower
citrus cauliflower, tarragon, lemon thyme

June 21, 2014-DSC_0101

June 21, 2014-IMG_2038

June 21, 2014-DSC_0118

Arctic Char
Popcorn Custard, crispy jamon mangalica, asparagus
June 21, 2014-DSC_0136

Jumbo Lump Crab Risotto
Venere, Chesapeake Bay Jump Lump Crab, lemon mascarpone, parcel
June 21, 2014-DSC_0139

Venison Loin
roasted black mission fig, porcini, balsamic
June 21, 2014-DSC_0154

Summer pudding
pain de mie, berry compote, lemon curd icecream, coconut

June 21, 2014-DSC_0164

June 21, 2014-DSC_0174

Overall 2941 this visit to 2941 isn’t what I remember what it was like before 2-3 years ago. It’s definitely become more casual. The ingredients are fresh and made with excellent execution.

2941 on Urbanspoon

2941 Fairview Park Dr
Falls Church, VA 22042
(703) 270-1500


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