Crave Mad for Chicken | Boston, MA Chinatown

July 18, 2014-IMG_6101-2

we went to check out crave mad for chicken soft opening last night. crave mad for chicken is a korean fried chicken joint, part of a chain from new york. it took over the conveyor belt enso sushi on kneeland.

July 18, 2014-IMG_6117

the menu was stapled together, didnt look it was the final product.
July 18, 2014-IMG_6121

July 18, 2014-IMG_6131

cant eat chicken without beer. they have a selection beers but relatively expensive: a glass of asahi beer @ $7
July 18, 2014-IMG_6151

besides fried chicken, their menu was only limited to some apps and sushi unlike the new york location. so we only ordered some chicken.

July 18, 2014-IMG_6168

the double-fried chicken was def crispy, but i found the flavors were weak. we ordered the furious xtra spicy garlic and buffalo, i did not taste even a bit of spiciness.
July 18, 2014-IMG_6175

MFC claims their chicken to be all natural, farm raised with no hormones and no antibiotics, always fresh, never frozen. comparing to bonchon, the chicken def tasted much fresher.
July 18, 2014-IMG_6204

July 18, 2014-IMG_6225

the service wasnt exactly on point yet as they are still working out their kinks especially for their first night, but they were very friendly overall. i’d def come back again when i crave for some chicken.
July 18, 2014-IMG_6240

75 Kneeland St
Boston, Massachusetts 02111

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